10 Reasons to Yoga Upside Down

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10 Reasons to Turn Upside Down - Yoga Inversions - TheFitfork.comYou may have first-hand experience with headstands, handstands and other bodily inversions from your current yoga practice or even way back in gym class. Or, perhaps you’ve only been a spectator of the “stunt” on your Instagram feed or when pausing the remote control to marvel at Olympic gymnasts. It’s obvious that turning upside down puts a new perspective on life, but you may be surprised to learn just how many benefits there are to doing handstands, headstands and forearm stands. Even a downward dog is considered a yoga inversion because it is a pose that places the hips above the heart and the heart above the head. Whether you’ve done hundreds upon hundreds of handstands and inversions or are just learning the basics, these  10 Reasons to Yoga Upside Down should encourage you to add an inversion to your daily workout routine.

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10 Reasons to Yoga Upside Down

    1. Get a Glow On: When upside-down, fresh nutrients and oxygen are flushed to the face, creating a healthy glow that will look like you just came from a spa facial.
    2. Tone and Strengthen: Performing headstands and handstands work the muscles of the shoulders, upper back and core in the constant attainment of balance. To hold a handstand for any length of time requires control over the obliques, the rectus abdominus and the transverse abdominus.
    3. Gray Away: Because inversions increase nutrients and blood flow to the scalp, some yogis claim that these poses can help stall the onset of gray hair – maybe even reverting some gray back to the original color. Not sure if this is true, but worth a try and much cheaper than a colorist!
    4. Brain and Body Booster: Being in a headstand or handstand increases blood flow to the brain and improves cognition. It also stimulates the glands in charge of sleep-wake cycles, digestion, sex hormones, blood pressure, and more.
    5. Confidence Kickstarter: Mastering a handstand or headstand will take your self-esteem to new levels. With good instruction and practice most of us can eventually accomplish these yoga poses or modified versions.
    6. Mood Lifter: The adrenal glands are flushed and detoxified with yoga inversions and this creates a better outlook on life, some yogis even say preventing mild depression thanks to the release of happy hormones. In any event, doing a handstand while frowning turns it into an automatic smile!
    7. Happier Gut: The gravitational pull of being upside stimulates digestive juices and keeps things moving along. Inversions stimulate the pituitary gland, the endocrine glad that is in charge of regulating metabolism and turning food into energy.
    8. Reduce Swelling: Getting feet above the head in an inverted yoga pose is an effective way to alleviate edema (swelling) in legs, ankles and feet.
    9. Improve Focus: Practicing yoga inversions will help you learn to tune out distractions, listen and respond to the feedback from your body, and lock in on the task at hand.
    10. Party Trick: Add some swagger to your step by impressing friends and family with your upside-down balancing talent!


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This post is sponsored by Sverve on behalf of Stayfree. I was compensated for my time and review of the product(s), however all opinions, editorial comments and suggestions are my own.


25 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Yoga Upside Down

  1. I can’t remember the last time I did a head stand, but I can remember the feeling I had when I was done– it is so awesome That is how powerful the effects of inversion are. I can’t recall when, but I do recall how I felt. I might have to give it go tomorrow.

  2. I try to get upside down each and every day. It makes me feel so amazing, even if all I have the energy for is legs-up-the-wall pose! 😉

  3. Who knew something as simple and crazy as going upside down could do ALL that!? I know when I invert, it helps boost my mood and gives me a boost of energy that lasts me the rest of the day. I unfortunately don’t practice as much as I should so I’m nowhere near a hand or headstand without support but that is definitely one of my long term goals 🙂

    • I was intrigued by inversions helping to stop gray hair!! I don’t see how it could be true. . . but willing to try!

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