3 Pull-Up Workouts for Grins and Gains – Beginner to Advanced

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Let me tell you why I love pull-ups so much. Pull ups are convenient, you only need a bar or grips to hang from. Pull-ups are a compound exercise that target multiple muscles at once for maximum gains. Pull-ups never get boring because there are so many different varieties — plain, kipping, l-sits, fat-grip, rope, etc. 3 Workouts for Pull-Up Grins and Gains

Check out these Three Workouts for Pull-Up Grins and Gains and get going! There is something for everyone, from beginners to pull-up pros! I use the ability to “pull up” all the time while competing in Spartan and other obstacle course races, how do you think you get over those 10 foot walls or up a rope? 

crossfit girls pull up

Typically, females are considered the weaker sex when it comes to pull-ups. Heck, in the Marines a women is not even required to complete a single pull-up in order to pass the required physical fitness test (get more details on military requirements HERE, you’ll be shocked). Yes, generally speaking, our upper-body strength isn’t as great. I think a woman who regularly practices pull-ups can have a leg-up, make that arm up (haha) on most men. Women are strong and our muscle-to-body weight ratio can be better than a big hulking muscle head.  I know I can do more unbroken pull-ups than most guys at my gym. Just sayin’.

The key to pull-up strength is practicing regularly, not necessarily every day, but at least several times a week. I don’t have a pull-up bar in my house, but do them at the gym and at a bar that is at the half-way point of my neighborhood runs. But, if you need more encouragement, a door frame pull-up bar is a good reminder to do a few every time you pass through. If you need some help getting up, a giant rubber band, made just for pull-ups, can help!

Now onto the workouts! The Hold on for Pull-Ups Workout is a pull-up workout everyone can try, even if you are learning to do your first pull-up. It’s really sneaky how challenging the dead hanging and top holds can be, but as you get stronger try to make each part of this workout last longer until failure. If you can only do one set, don’t fret — with practice you will be able to do two, three . .. ten or more! If you are struggling even doing the single pull-up, then use an assist — like rubber band, jumping pull-up from box, or just skip it until strong enough from the hangs and top holds.

Hold on For Pull Ups Workout

The Rise Above Pull Up Workout is a more intermediate workout —  you should be able to at least five pull-ups at a time. However, the reps can be decreased to meet your fitness level.

Rise Above Pull Up Workout

The Weight For It Pull-Up Workout is the most advanced workout of the three, as the pull-ups incorporate weight — you can use a plate or kettle bell dangling from belt or wear a weight vest. I have listed the increasing increments of weight I use, but you may choose to use more or less.

weighted pull-up workout



Three Pull-Up Workouts for Grins and Upper Body Strength Gains. Try one of these workouts, something for beginners and advanced.Pin all the workouts for later!


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Do you regularly do pull-ups in your workout? What is your favorite variety? Please share in the comments – XOXO, Jennifer 




10 thoughts on “3 Pull-Up Workouts for Grins and Gains – Beginner to Advanced

  1. Great pullup workouts! I’ll definitely give them a try. I’ve been trying to build up my overall volume capacity. Its a great upper body workout!

    • Thanks, hope you get a good workout! I’ve noticed for me that keeping my volume up requires a lot of practice!

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