Benefits of Running & Music | Get 1 Free Month RockMyRun Rockstar + Giveaway

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Jennifer Fisher at Zooma Texas Half Marathon

Crushing a challenging Texas Hill Country race (Zooma Texas Half Marathon) with the help of music. Music for the win!

Should you run and workout listening to music, or not? I’ve blogged on the topic before (here), so no need to rehash every little detail. In my opinion, if music provides some motivation to get up off the couch and is used safely (be aware of traffic, stranger danger, and hearing loss if too loud), then by all means hit the play button and boogie on. I wear headphones on the treadmill and in many longer races, perhaps half of the time while running my neighborhood – but rarely in a shorter races or speed workouts on the track. In these cases, I like to focus all my senses on the feedback I’m getting from my body – it just seems like music gets in the way.  Oh, and never with a friend – there is just too much catching up to do!

One Free Month Premium Rockstar Membership

I do love music, but must have a short attention span. One thing I’ve noticed is that I get bored with my music library very quickly — ugh, and then it’s just the same old songs wearing me down. So needless to say, I was excited to try out Rock My Run, a free, top rated fitness music smartphone app available for iOS and Android. RockMyRun creates high energy, motivational mixes that are designed by DJ’s specifically for exercise – right now, I’m listening to the Super Twerk Mix (don’t laugh) that has a two hour play list of hip-hop specifically mixed to keep 200 beats per minute (bpm). I like the faster mixes that are 180 to 200 bpm because that’s the same number I like to keep per minute for foot strikes during tempo runs, speed work and races.

Rock My Run Giveaway -

If you use the RockMyRun app on your iPhone or Android, check out the myBeat™ Body Driven Music feature. Proprietary algorithms read your steps per minute, heart rate and soon pace to adjust and deliver content (music tempo – BPM) in real time to match, motivate or calm you at just the right moment. MIND BLOWN! You can also able to manually change the BPM of the mixes on RockMyRun to help them achieve a personal goal.

RockMyRun creates lots of other high energy, motivational mixes that are designed by DJ’s specifically for exercise. Use of the app has recently been proven to increase the enjoyment of the running experience by up to 35 percent compared to static playlists or no music.  Other studies have shown that running with music can increase your performance by 15 percent —  the USTFA lifted their strict sanctions against headphone use in 2008 and left the decision in the hands of individual race directors. However, headphones remain banned for any athlete competing in a USA Championship — no music doping, you must suffer in silence!

Music and Exercise Infographic -

Click infographic to find out other interesting info about music and exercise.

It’s superfast and easy to download the Rock My Run app on your iPhone or android, create an account and start downloading mixes through WiFi. If you don’t want to hear ads while streaming music, you can sign up for RockMyRun Rockstar (premium) memberships for as little as $35.99 per year or $4.99 going month to month – you are even allowed to download a limited amount of mixes to a personal music player – that’s how I’ve been listening on the Wifi-less trails. I also really appreciate how clean lyric mixes are available, because who really wants to explain Truffle Butter to their kids?! To get you started, Rock My Run is offering ALL MY READERS a code that will get you ONE FREE MONTH OF ROCKMYRUN PREMIUM ROCKSTAR – just enter RMRBJ at, download the app onto your phone and get rockin’!

fit 2.0 jlabI am also giving away one GRAND PRIZE —  an entire YEAR of RockMyRun Rockstar plus a pair of JLab Audio’s Fit 2.0 Sport Earbuds.  Whoohoo, take advantage of the one free month and enter to win the full year and headphones in the Rafflecopter app below:


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26 thoughts on “Benefits of Running & Music | Get 1 Free Month RockMyRun Rockstar + Giveaway

  1. I listen to music when I am outside but watch tv when I am stuck inside. I like anything upbeat. Right now I have some Pitbull on my playlist and some other old school jams.

  2. I do listen to music. When I listen to rock or upbeat alternative, it pumps me up to keep going.

  3. I always listen to music when working out. I like to listen to Van Halen (Jump) or AC/DC (Back in Black) etc.

  4. I listen to music and podcasts. I don’t have a favorite song or style of music…that’s why rock my run appeals to me – they do the work making a playlist and I get to enjoy!

  5. I’ve actually been using the free version of Rock My Run for my workouts lately – love the 80s mixes!

  6. I have to listen to music when I run. Usually stuff with a really good beat so a lot of rap and hip hop.

  7. I always listen to music when I exercise. I love anything by Puddle of Mud to exercise to.

  8. i’m 50/50 listening to music when i run. i don’t really have a fave song…i just put on pandora 🙂

  9. I listen to music when I run. I have different favorites for different tempo runs. I love Tim McGraw’s My Next 30 Years For An Easy Pace and Beyoncé’s Single Ladies for a little bit faster pace.

  10. I always listen to music when running. I like to listen to my CD’s from the 80’s, especially those with a tempo that make me want to run faster.

  11. I love listening to music when I exercise. It varies, but I love music that makes me feel good. Sometimes it is Tom Petty, sometimes Rob Zombie, and sometimes Blondie.

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