Cherry Crisp Smoothie Recipe & Achieved a Goal!

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jennifer thefitfork cherry crisp smoothie

I cannot tell a lie, I just love cherries in every form and fashion, including straight-from-the-tree fresh to nestled collectively under a layer of pie lattice and vanilla ice cream. Cherries are a super fruit and studies are suggesting that tart cherries have anti-inflammatory properties, can reduce pain from chronic conditions and even help ease muscle and joint aches after exercise. Tart cherries rank 14 in the top 50 foods for highest antioxidant content per serving size – this is more than other popular powerhouses such as red wine and chocolate. Check out Choose Cherries for lots of great information about the health benefits of cherries

A busy-morning breakfast is anything but the pits when you’ve got the ingredients to make my Cherry Crisp Smoothie. I like to buy a big bag of frozen cherries at Costco so I’ll always have my beloved berries ready – throw in some ground oats and a vanilla protein drink (check out Core Power) and this protein smoothie will be ready in a minute or less.

cherry crisp smoothie thefitfork sq small

Cherry Crisp Smoothie Recipe

  • 2 tablespoons rolled oats
  • 10 ounces vanilla protein shake (like Core Power)
  • 2 ounces cherry juice
  • 15 pitted, frozen cherries
  • 1 drop vanilla liquid Stevia
  • Ice, as needed

Place oats in a blender and pulse until ground into a powder. Add protein shake, cherry juice, frozen cherries, Stevia and a few ice cubes. Blend until smooth, adding more ice until desired consistency is achieved. Serves 1.

oh-cherry-almond-crisp-lThis smoothie is very satisfying and packed with protein, but if you are looking for the real deal dessert, Cooking Light has a delicious recipe for Cherry Almond Crisp. What I love about making “crisps” is that you don’t have to worry about a fussy, fat-laden pie crust – just a sprinkling of grains and ground nuts on top of fruit works wonders! Plus, a little dollop of ice cream or Greek yogurt adds the perfect balance.


So, all this talk about cherries has me thinking about “the cherry on top” of my workout week. And, that would be making some documented progress on my Muscle Up skill in CrossFit. For at least a year and a half (off and on), I’ve been working on this most-elusive move and finally, finally made it up to the top of the bar (3x). What I lack in grace, I make up for in grit; I was NOT going home until I hustled my way up there. Still lots of practice needed though!

Do you have a fitness-related goal that has been a long time in the making – like a goal 5k time or getting a pull up? You can do it, just keep after it – and let me know what that goal is in the comments below so I can be your cheerleader!

16 thoughts on “Cherry Crisp Smoothie Recipe & Achieved a Goal!

  1. I love a cherry smoothie! I made my cherry smoothie with inflammation in mind – after a tough leg day it’s so refreshing with some ginger (that helps too!). Next one I’m making a crisp and adding it to the top. 🙂

  2. I’m instantly craving cherries!! That looks better than and milkshake I’ve ever seen, I’d never have guessed it was a healthy smoothie! Pinned, and adding cherries to my grocery list!!

  3. Ahh yum! That looks wonderful! I love cherries, and I really love crunchy!

    My dream is to someday run for Great Britain in a world marathon Championships. I know I am going to do it, it is what gets me on my runs every single day. I finished 3rd in the Olympic Trials 10k, but didnt have the time. It is almost my time to reach it in the marathon….I hope 🙂

    • Tina — that is AWESOME and I bet you make it! 25=ish years ago I was trying to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon (just qualify, I would never be fast enough for the US team) —- was on one of my final attempts, across the country, had put so much into this goal . . . . had a really tough race, missed qualifying time by just seconds when it was realistic that I could have run 5 minutes faster. Felt really weird during race, after race and for a couple more weeks — finally realized I was pregnant! That also made me realize that goals can change.

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