Endless Happy Watermelon Days #LivingOnTheWedge + Recipes & Giveaway

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Happy National Watermelon Day from TheFitFork.com

Monday August 3rd,  is National Watermelon Day . . .  well, officially anyway. In my world of #LivingOnTheWedge, I celebrate my favorite fruit every single day that I can – and thankfully, in Texas, we have a really long watermelon season! But, I couldn’t let this specifically mandated day of melon mania disappear without its just and juicy due.  So, I’m hosting a giveaway courtesy of Watermelon.org (see bottom of post to enter) and sharing some fit, flavorful and fantastically creative recipes from my Fitfluential Ambasador friends.

All these smart ladies also tout the fantastic nutritional ways watermelon can support an active lifestyle – I’m talking natural sugars needed to fuel fitness, electrolytes to maintain water balance, and vitamin C to bolster immunity. Plus, did you know watermelon is the lycopene leader among fresh produce?!  Also, some studies are showing that athletes who drink watermelon juice before a hard workout benefit from a lowered heart rate and reduction in next-day muscle soreness thanks to blood vessel dilation and improved circulation cause by the amino acid L-citrulline.  Check out the healthy recipes below and make one today!

These unique watermelon recipes are refreshing, revitalizing and perfect for summer meals and outdoor entertaining.

(recipe descriptions starting at top, moving clockwise)

Watermelon Coconut Rice Bowls - CotterCrunch.comCoconut, Rice and Watermelon Salad Bowls  from CotterCrunch.com: If you’re tired of the same-old, same old -salad, this beauty in a bowl will surely catch your attention. Coconut cream, jasmine rice, watermelon chunks and raisins mingle together in one amazing bowl of nourishment! Light, refreshing, gluten free, and delicious!


Beluga Lentil, Watermelon Caprese Salad - UprootFromOregon.comBeluga, Lentil & Watermelon Salad from UprootFromOregon.com: This Beluga Lentil and Watermelon Caprese Salad is an unexpected upgrade from the traditional caprese you might see on an Italian menu – juicy tomatoes, torn mozzarella, and basil leaves are complimented with staying power of protein from black lentils. Oh, and the watermelon . . . swoon!

Sugar Free Watermelon Sorbet - Fitfluential.comSugar Free Watermelon Sorbet (Video) from Fitfluential.com: Check out this video that will lead you through the surprisingly easy steps of making a big dish of frozen watermelon deliciousness – it’s just lightly sweetened with stevia and the natural sugars of watermelon.


Rosemary Watermelon LemonadeRosemary Watermelon Lemonade from PlaidandPaleo.com: This tall glass of lemony goodness is uniquely yummy thanks to the use of herbs and ice-cold watermelon. Honey is used as the sweetener to keep every sip free of refined sugars.


Watermelon Margarita - Arismenu.comRestaurant Style Watermelon Margaritas from ArisMenu.com: When day’s end need a little happy, this flavor-packed libation will rock your either your socks or sandals off – or both depending on your style!



Watermelon Gazpachio - PancakeWarriors.comEasy Watermelon Gazpacho from PancakeWarriors.com: Soup in the summer has never been more refreshing than with a chilled bowl of this tomato and cucumber based gazpacho – the secret ingredient is naturally watermelon, and it is absolutely wonderful to the last slurp.


Celebrate special summer days with a healthy "cake" made from watermelon!If you need even MORE recipe inspiration, check out my Watermelon Living On The Wedge Pinterest Board or visit the recipe collection at Watermelon.org.

I celebrated MY July birthday with a recipe I created for just for ME! It was a healthy Chocolate Cherry Watermelon “Cake” and I did end up sharing the real deal with family and friends – and the recipe with you. Not only is this cake a show stopper, there is lots of good in every slice with very little guilt!



Ice Cold Watermelon perfect healthy treat for summer -- only 80 calories per cut and 92 percent water to stay hydrated.

Have you seen the other ways I’ve been celebrating watermelon and #LivingOnTheWedge this summer? To name a few, I hit nearly every watermelon stand and farmer’s truck this side of the Mississippi River, kicked off the warm-weather season with a crazy Watermelon Pool Workout, a CrossFit Style Partner WOD used watermelons every which way imaginable on picnics.

Giveaway = Watermelon Prize PackEnter my Watermelon Gift and Goodies Giveaway — one lucky reader will get the following prizes to help celebrate watermelons every day of the year —-> -Pool Float (Awesome), Apron, Socks, Scarf, Kitchen Scrubber, Note Pad, Pen, Book and Star Cookie Cutters (for making watermelon stars!).

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43 thoughts on “Endless Happy Watermelon Days #LivingOnTheWedge + Recipes & Giveaway

  1. The only thing I could keep down the first few weeks of pregnancy was watermelon. Any idea why? Is this common?

    • I wonder if it’s because it’s 92% water and so hydrating? And, so not as much “food” was sitting in your stomach — I’m curious too!

  2. Something I would like to know about watermelon = how many different types of watermelon are there (in terms of taste, color, size, etc.)? Hope that’s not a dumb question.

    • More than 300 varieties of watermelon are cultivated in the United States and South America!

  3. ok lady 🙂
    will it work when I finally yank the frozen melon from the freezer and blend with lemon for SORBET? 🙂

    • Did you watch to sorbet video — that’s a fitfluential creation, so blame Jennifer Olexa if if doesn’t work — haha

  4. Everyone in my family loves watermelon except for me. I really wish I did but it’s just like cucumbers, gives me heart burn. So very sad! But they will love to see those recipes.

    • Watermelon and cucumber are related, so that makes sense — but I’ve never heard of anyone getting heartburn from either. I wonder what’s in them that bothers you — I’m so intrigued because sometimes get reflux from all types of bell peppers. I will google this!

    • well, wow, I never really thought much about that — I guess seedless are GMO technically, but places like whole foods sell them. I will find out more and let you know, thanks for bringing up such a good question

    • WOW, I never thought about that! I guess technically the are GMO, but places like whole foods sells them, scratching head. I will find out more and let you know — thanks for asking such a great question!

    • YEs, I have! — used it to make smoothies later . . .and once drained of the pulp for the juice

  5. Is t really true that if a watermelon has aa yellow spot that it ripened in the field vs being picked too early?

    • I know you are supposed to look for that creamy yellow spot on the bottom as a sign of ripeness

  6. Im curious….can you freeze watermelon???? Believe it or not sometimes we have just too much and it goes to waste 🙁

    • You can freeze it but the texture gets changed — so it’s best used in a smoothie or gazpacho

  7. Is it ok to swallow a bunch of the seeds? I remember doing watermelon eating contests as a kid and swallowed my share.

    • Unlike what our moms told us as kids, watermelon seeds are 100 percent safe for consumption. There is nothing at all harmful about them and a watermelon won’t sprout in your belly!

    • Ha, Rom — I could write a cookbook. Probably the seared watermelon plank with sesame salmon filet on top!

  8. What do you prefer when choosing a watermelon? Thunking the melon or going for one that has more pollinate scars?

    • Well, lol, I’m kinda greedy and look for the bigger ones in the bin . . . .then if it feels “heavier” than it looks (better water content, more sweet) and has a good creamy yellow patch. Still, sometimes I don’t win . . . but 9 out of 10 I come home with a great one.

  9. Do you prefer the smaller ones or the larger watermelons? Just wondering taste wise…which would be better?

    • I always get the biggest seedless one I can find that seems like it’s ripe — between me and the kids, we polish it off in a day, two days MAX. So, the small ones would be just a snack — I’ve had luck with them being sweet though, I just don’t purchase them often 🙂

  10. I want to know how you can tell whether or not a watermelon is sweet while you’re picking one up at the grocery story

  11. What’s the secret to growing watermelon?!!? Somehow I think I’m too far north. (Maryland, and not the eastern shore where melons grow well, sigh.)

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