Grate Expectations – Seared Steak Thai Salad – #GrillIt #WinIt

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There’s something special about summer grilling – relaxing in the great outdoors, keeping the grill master company with good conversation and a cold beer, and enjoying the season’s bounty sizzling off the grates.  It’s the perfect way to wind down after a long day, except for when it isn’t.  When the thermometer is hovering over 100 degrees, the mosquitos are as big as dragonflies, and dirty barbeque smoke is making your eyes water, it’s time to head back indoors!

Man Grilling

Dean on grill duty, getting a little smoke in his eyes!

But, how can you get that that grilled outside flavor from the cool comfort and convenience of your kitchen? Well, I have had some luck with a grill pan that sits right on your stove top, but even better is the Searing Grill from Hamilton Beach – it heats to a really high temperature to lock in the natural juices in the lean protein or produce you are grilling. The grate marks it makes are gorgeous, food looks like it has been flipped around by Bobby Flay. Clean up is easy, the grates can go in the dishwasher and slide-out drip pan washes easily in the sink – no more standing out in the backyard with your grill disassembled and for a spray nozzle hose blasting.

healthy grilling recipes

I’ve tested a few of my favorite grilling recipes on this awesome indoor grill –- from my Tuscan Grilled Eggplant to Mojo Chicken Breast with Citrus pictured above.

seared beef mango thai salad I also created a delicious recipe for Seared Beef & Mango Thai Noodle Salad Recipe for Hamilton Beach’s blog, This easy recipe keeps things cool, the lean beef and mango sear quickly on the grill while the rest of the veggies don’t need any cooking – even the thread-thin noodles only need to soak it hot water from the sink. Head over to right now to get the recipe and more!

win it searing grill

So, yay! Thanks to Hamilton Beach, I get to give away one of these Searing Grills so you can #GrillIt !  Enter via the Rafflecopter app below and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you are the winner!

Oh and speaking of grilling, it’s not too late to register for my “Live Well, Grill Well” class at the downtown Whole Foods in Austin, Texas. I would love to have a packed house!

live well grill well

a Rafflecopter giveaway

75 thoughts on “Grate Expectations – Seared Steak Thai Salad – #GrillIt #WinIt

  1. My favorite thing to grill is chicken! Seasoned with a little bbq sauce for dipping.. yum!!

  2. asparagrus, tomatoes and salmon. yummy!!! my family loves mango….trying this next!!! happy day

  3. I like to grill peppers! Another thing I like to grill which is uncommon is fruit like pineapple and mangoes. It really brings out the flavors when grilled.

  4. I love to grill steaks. Thanks for the incredible giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  5. I love a good grilled kabob – they get inhaled – chicken, steak or shrimp – something about a skewer that gets people reaching for them.

  6. Steak is my favorite food to grill, but if I am being honest I would grill anything I could every single day.

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