How To Grill Avocados (That Don’t Turn Brown for Meal Prepping)!

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I have a “how to” today that might make even the most super freak avocado aficionado faint – GRILLED AVOCADOS! Grilled Avocado

AvocadOoooohemmmmgeee, you heard me right! It’s amazing simple and insanely appetizing to throw avocados on the grates. Grilling this creamy, savory fruit gives it delicious bits of flame-kissed char and smoky swag that you just won’t find eating it in the typical fashion. Read on to get all the directions to this game-changing  avocado hack and find out why they take days (instead of minutes) to turn brown using this method. box of avocados thefitforkGrilling the avocado is amazingly simple. First you need to start with the right avocados. Choose large avocados that are ripe, but still have some firmness. Don’t pick avocados that are super soft or yield significantly when pressed with a thumb. Pick fruits that feel ever-so-slightly soft (not like a rock) and have a dried stem nub that easily pops off with your thumb.

How to Grill Avocados -- Grilling this creamy, savory fruit gives is a delicious char and smoky swag that improves and breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe. Plus, coating with olive oil before grilling seals the avocado, keeping it from sticking on the grill and also preventing oxidation -- this means leftovers stay fresh in the fridge for a couple days!

There are a couple ways to grill avocados and endless ways to use them! YAY!

Grilling Halves: Grill by slicing in each in half, leaving the peel on but removing, the pit and brushing with olive oil before setting face-down on hot grates (about 400F) for about 4 minutes. To ensure impressive and photo-worthy grill marks, lightly press down on the tops of the avocado for about 15 to 30 seconds and don’t move them all around the grill while they are cooking. Beginners will have the most success with this method, as leaving the peel on renders the avocados less fragile – they can easily be picked up with tongs without falling apart.  This method creates the perfect vehicle to hold an assortment of fillings in the center where the pit once lived – think salsa, shredded meats, bean salad, an egg, or whatever floats your (avocado) boat. Prepping avocados to grill

Grilling Slices: Grill avocados in thick slices, aiming for 1/3” thickness.  Brush tops and bottoms generously with olive oil and season to your preference. I have seasoning ideas below.  Grill for approximately 90 seconds on each side with grill at approximately 400F degrees. Grill a little longer if you think they can hold up to the heat (this will depend on the firmness you started with). Grilling slices gives the pretty char marks on both sides, but said slices can be fussy as hot house flowers – especially if the avocado is overly ripe. Pick avocados that you’d say “this one is perfect for guacamole in two day.”  It can be helpful to use a smaller-scale grate to grill them on to prevent from falling through to the fire, or you can also achieve the same effect (sans the smoke) inside in a grill pan.

Grilled Avocado Slices

Variety is the spice of life, and here are some of the seasonings I’ve used to prep avocados for the grill:

  • Tajin (lime and chili seasoning)
  • Guacamole Herb Blend from Litehouse Foods
  • Simple salt and pepper
  • Chipotle chili powder and sprinkle of brown sugar

No Turning Brown! Aside from the amazing taste, presentation and pure joy of preparing a meal outdoors, another perk of grilling avocados is they can be saved for several days in the fridge without turning brown. This bonus feature can be attributed to the olive oil that is liberally coated on all exposed areas of the flesh. Doing this creates a barrier that prevent oxidation. This means you can store leftover grilled avocado in the fridge and use leftovers later in in salads, on sandwiches or even mashed up as “grilled” guacamole. This also makes them perfect for you Sunday meal preppers who like to cook bigger batches of food to use throughout the week. Grilled Avocado Tacos

The last way I enjoyed a meal using this technique Grilled Avocado & Charred Tomato Tacos with Jalapeno Yogurt Sauce. Linking up with The Fit Foodie Mama, Fairy Burger, and Chocolate Runner Girl — check out the recipes!

If you are looking for another Avocado Hack, how about Freezing Avocados and/or Guacamole!  You’re welcome!

Ever tried to grill avocados? What’s your favorite fruit or veggie for the grill? What is your favorite food to pair with avocado. Please share in the comments – XOXO, Jennifer 

9 thoughts on “How To Grill Avocados (That Don’t Turn Brown for Meal Prepping)!

    • I also liked that there was no overbearing citrus taste like when trying in vain to fresh with lemon juice!

  1. Love avocados! I have pan fired them but never grilled them. Definitely going to try this! And I love the added bonus of them not turning brown, great tip 🙂

  2. I’m definitely going to try this! My husband and I just decided to test out meal prepping once a week and this sounds AMAZING!

    • I would definitely plan to use up the avocados on the front end of the week . . we ate off the ones I made for 3 days and I feel like (if there were more) could have lasted 1 more day. good luck!

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