Passport to Healthy Quick Meals + Gym Ring Workout

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Check out Passport to Healthy Quick Meals

by The Fit Fork at

Don’t get so busy at mealtime that you slip into the bland habit of eating the same thing every night. Occasionally this happens to me, I realize that I am eating the same lettuce mix with the same toppings and dressing for days on end – like some sort of salad robot!

Just like you plan a vacation by leafing through brochures and surfing the web, why not spend a few extra minutes each week finding some quick and easy ways to give your busy weeknight meals some international flair and flavor. To get you started, I’ve put together a collection simple and healthy dinner recipes for that are a one-way ticket to flavor town – groan, did I just say that?! There is a healthy international recipe for everyone – Thai recipes, Italian recipes, American recipes, Middle Eastern recipes, Latin American recipes and more! I’ve also put together a challenging workout for the gymnastic rings. I love to get a workout in on the rings because, unlike a stable bar or floor surface, the rings make your muscles work in over drive to find balance and work in harmony with your whole body. On the rings everything is a little more difficult –  okay, some things are a lot more difficult. With the movement of the rings,  I’m constantly having to rely on joint position and muscle senses in order to accomplish an exercise – that’s called proprioception, y’all! Gymnastics Ring Fiend Workout - While I’ve written this gymnastic ring workout for 5 sets, feel free to go at your own pace and rest between sets and individual exercises. Also, reduce the number of sets and reps, if needed. If you can’t do one of the exercises, simply hang from the rings and stretch your spine out and then practice the hollow body rock movement needed for kipping. If workout is too easy, wear a weight vest like I suggest in my Rings of Fire workout – ha! Swinging on the Rings -

zooma run texasAlso, if you are planning on running Zooma Texas (or even just sorta thinking about it), join me, the other Zooma ambassadors and lots of new running friends at Athleta at the Domain ( 11601 Century Oaks Terrace Suite 121, Austin, TX 78758 ) for a Kick Off Training Run.  We’ll run 3 miles together as #ZOOMAnation and then enjoy post-run beverages and a gift-with-purchase (of $75+) from Athleta. All levels of runners are welcome, you do not have to be registered for the race to attend, so grab your girlfriends and join us!

Have you ever been on the gymnastic rings? My favorite exercise on the rings is “toes-to-bar,” what is yours . . . or what would you try first? Have you ever run a Zooma race? 

4 thoughts on “Passport to Healthy Quick Meals + Gym Ring Workout

  1. I’ve never tried the rings before. Looks fun but hard. I will try them next time when I go to the gym. Thanks for the workout tips.

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