Plyometric Power Workout – How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

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Whether you want to up your game in basketball or volleyball, or just need to grab stuff off the top shelf without dragging out the step stool out, a vertical jump workout will help you catch that big air you crave.

verticle jump plyometric power workoutWhile many traditional vertical jump workouts focus on heavy lifting in the weight room with exercises like Bulgarian Squat Jumps, Box Squats and Deadlifts, you can still get enviable gains with explosive plyometric bodyweight exercises. And, the beauty of this type of workout is little or no equipment is needed, so it can be done anytime, anywhere!  Just grab a jump rope and exercise box (or curb) for this workout. Do this this Power Plyo Vertical Jump Workout once per week and enjoy some newfound oomph in your vert!

Here are the details for the above exercises:

Jump Rope: Warm up with jump rope for 2 minutes to get blood pumping and help activate muscles used in jumping. Only do warmup once, not at the top of each set.

Three Sets of Exercises Below (2 minutes rest after each set)

Depth Jumps: Step off box or bench and, upon landing, explode upward immediately. Reach arms overhead to increase lift and land softly back down on ground in athletic position. 10 reps / 3 sets

180 Squat Jumps: In an upright position, squat down slowly until your knees are flexed to almost right angles. Jump explosively without locking out knees, and rotate body quickly to land facing the opposite direction.  10 reps / 3 sets

Tuck Jumps: From standing, lower into a squat position and then jump as high as possible while bringing knees up and in toward chest.  10 reps / 3 sets

Lateral Box Jump Burpees: Stand to the side of box and jump laterally, leaping over it. Upon landing, drop to a full burpee with an upward jump finish.  10 reps / 3 sets

Walking Lunges: From upright with hands on hips, step forward with one leg and drop hip until back knee is almost touching ground. Keep torso erect and ensure front knee stays above front foot. Drive forward and extend up position. 10 reps (each side) / 3 sets

Single-Leg Box Jump:  Stand facing approximately 18-inches way from box with feet shoulder-width apart. Jump on box with one leg, using bent-elbow arms to help drive upward. Fully extend body at top of box and then softly jump backward with both legs to starting position. 5 reps (each side) / 3 sets

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So, what’s your favorite explosive lower body exercise? (I just giggled when I typed that)

4 thoughts on “Plyometric Power Workout – How To Increase Your Vertical Jump

  1. I’m am so earth bound haha! One time I had a goal to increase my vertical jump with doing P90X (or maybe it was X2). Not one of my most successful goals and it wasn’t for a lack of trying. Awesome workout!

    • I have a fitness event coming up and for the last 3 years doing it my vert is pretty much stuck . . . .I am determined to get higher . . .even if only 1/2 inch – lol

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