Rise & Grind – Benefits of Exercise and Eating Well in the Morning

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7 Benefits of Morning Exercise

As tempting as it is to repeatedly hit the snooze button, check out these seven worthy reasons to workout, run or just get up and get your body moving early in the morning. Of course, if you can’t workout first thing, any time of the day is better than skipping!

Dodge Distractions: When you exercise early, it’s the first thing marked off your “to-do” list. Unforseen opportunities and obligations later in the day, like an unexpected dinner date or working late to meet deadline, can foil even the best-intentioned plan to workout or run.

Elevate Mood: Exercise, any time of the day, instructs the body to release mood-boosting, energizing endorphins the brain. Why not get your workout or “runner’s high” before the rooster crows and enjoy being in this happy place all day long?!

Improve Productivity: Exercise makes you feel more energetic through the day and also increases the release of serotonin, which leads to enhanced mental clarity. Chasing down these two perks early in the early hours just might make your day a whole lot more efficient and awesome.

Boost Calorie Burn: Calories continue to be torched at an increased rate for a couple hours (and in some instances, as long as 10 to 24 hours) after exercise. It makes much more sense to kick up your metabolism sooner rather than later to burn more quickly through the food you are eating all day.

Snooze More Soundly:  It seems contrary, but research shows that people who wake up early to exercise get more sleep in the long run over those who schedule their sweat sessions in the evening. That’s because exercising at night raises your core temperature, heart rate and adrenaline levels to a degree that makes it hard to wind down and fall asleep.

Beat the Big Crowds: Face it, the gym and many running trails get pretty packed right after the work whistle blows. If you hit it early enough, you won’t have to wait in line for your favorite piece of gym equipment or knock elbows and trip over dog leashes on a jog.

Bragging Rights: Telling friends and colleagues “I’ve already run 6 miles and done 50 pushups this morning” totally trumps “Hmm, I might go workout later today.”

Body By Breakfast 5 Reasons You Need a Morning MealEqually important to morning exercise is a good breakfast, I’ve talking about the importance of eating a morning meal so many times in the past — especially one that is protein packed to help taxed muscles recover and fight off the “hangries” until lunch.

calcium). This could vary slightly on the protein powder you are using.If I’m in a hurry,I typically grab a Core Power High Protein Shake out of my gym bag, but if I have a few minutes at home I like to whip a quick recipe like my Lemon Raspberry Protein Mug Muffin or another protein-packed breakfast recipe up my sleeve.


Do you workout in the morning? Is it a struggle or are you an natural early-bird? Please share in the comments below – XOXO, Jennifer



10 thoughts on “Rise & Grind – Benefits of Exercise and Eating Well in the Morning

  1. I like to exercise first thing in the morning fasted, while still in parasympathetic fueling state. The added advantage of getting my fitness done, before my day runs away from me is another benefit.

      • No I do not, as long as I don’t wait more than an hour after I wake up to do my workout. I also will load my carbs at night before bed to prepare myself for the morning workout. In the morning, the body is still using the same mechanism for energy that it used at night while you sleep; ie fat. If I were to start feeling lethargic, a quick carb mid workout would be the tool I’d use to switch over to circulating glucose for energy instead.

        I’ve had some amazingly strong workouts while testing low carb and ultra low carb eating protocols. I don’t eat that way typically and was shocked to not feel weak and dragged out while lifting heavy in a low carb state.

        • I’ve done a 2 wk low carb diet “fat loading” diet leading up to a marathon with the final 2 days reversing to high carb, which worked out well 🙂

    • I will admit, sometimes in the winter (austin winter, haha) I wait until the afternoon to run . . .but I do gym in the morning

  2. I totally agree! I much prefer to get my workout in in the morning, before all of the distractions of the day can get in the way… Thanks for the #mondaymotivation!

    • Sometime it’s hard to get done in the morning, but always such a sense of accomplishment!

  3. I used to be an early riser when I was on the rowing team in college but recently have become much more of a night owl. I wish I had better energy in the morning.

    • I will admit, even though I wake up at 5am, I don’t exercise until several hours later . . .that’s the waking up process for me 🙂

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