Road Trip Rules for People Who Can’t Sit Still! #OnAQuest

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On the eve of a road trip, I get anxious about being cooped up in the car, whether it’s just for hours on the road or 14. A little bit of claustrophobia combined with dread over what feels like a sedentary death sentence – I cannot tolerate locked knees, a cricked neck and what feels like roots growing from my butt into the bucket seat. Plus, I need to EAT and with my mind on auto-pilot, thoughts of snacking typically don’t vanish until satisfied! Quest Cereal Bars at 7-Eleven

Bu typical gas station food is really not my thing, eating the junk food just makes me feel worse. But, whoohoo, I just found out that 7-Eleven can keep me fueled up in a healthier way — they sell one of my favorite protein items, Quest Cereal Bars! With only 110 calories, 12g protein and a much more nutritious ingredient profile than most convenience store snacks, I can keep my tank filled for the finish! Read on to find out more about Quest Cereal Bars, get my Road Trip Rules for People Who Can’t Sit Still and enter a GIVEAWAY!


Most road trippers would say that the actual journey is part of the pleasure! However, for some, roads trips are just an uncomfortable means to an end, I mean LET’S JUST GET THERE ALREADY! If you fall in the later, my Road Trip Rules for People Who Can’t Sit Still help workout the wiggles and make the miles less passive so that you can enjoy it all!

Road Trip Rules for People Who Can't Sit Still

Take co-piloting seriously: If you can’t move your body as you like, at least you can flex your brain at take a load of stress off the driver by monitoring Google maps, riffling through paper maps and watching for highway turn-offs, detours and enforcers of the law.

Quest Cereal Bars at 7-Eleven

Seat dance like nobody’s watching: Riding shotgun usually means you’re in charge of the music, so pick some up-tempo songs and get that Ford in fiesta mode! While your rear end might be strapped into the seat, there’s no law that says you can’t tap your toes and wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care! Let loose with all those savage moves you’ve been saving – this IS the perfect occasion!

Lead a bucket seat boot camp. Work out your wiggles and put the kibosh on claustrophobia with an impromptu isometric session. Pass the time in the passenger seat and get the backseat involved with a fun workout to strengthen muscles. Isometric exercises are perfect for the car because they need no equipment and can be done from a “still” position. Here are some ideas: Try squeezing your glutes for 10 seconds and releasing, for a challenge do this will pushing with straight arms off the seat. Recline seat back and partially pull up with core and hold until failure. Grab a small towel with both fists, arms extended, and pull opposing ends as hard as you can. Next do this while moving arms back and forth like a steering wheel. You get the idea – use your creativity to come up with more car exercise!

Add some sweat to your pit stops: Every time a car mate needs to take a restroom break, don’t stay cooped up in the car. Jump out and find a grassy area (preferably one where dogs are not being relieved) and bust out jumping jacks, burpees, push-up . . . and cartwheels, if that feels appropriate!

Stopped at a small town elementary school to play on the playground!

Stopped at a small town elementary school to play on the playground!

Make every historical site mandatory. Assuming you’re not in the biggest hurry, stop at all roadside landmarks and historical markers. Not only will you increasing your knowledge base of this great country, you’ll also be increasing your heart rate as you get a chance to walk, jog and jump around.

Quest Cereal Bars at 7-Eleven

Assume snack acquisition duties: Not only another chance to get out of the car and move about, but you’re likely burning off some calories being such an active passenger! Those not driving can take their eyes off the immediate road to scan the horizon for snacks and meals. Since I’m not a fan of junky, sugary snacks, I always have eyes peeled for a 7-11! This sounds contradictory to my fit foodie standards, but you’d be surprised at some of the healthier snacks they stock . . . like fresh fruit and protein bars! Quest Cereal Bars are a personal favorite – keep reading to find out more!

quest cereal bars package and unwrap

So, back to these Quest Cereal Bars. I about FREAKED out with happiness when I saw them in 7-11! I love me all the bars Quest makes and this new addition tastes just like a cereal bar (the kind my kids would beg me to buy when they were little) but with way more protein to curb my hunger and no traditional sugar (sweetened with natural Allulose, you can read my previous post here). Also, with 110 calories,12g protein, 2-3g net carbs and 6 -7g fiber each, these bars are the perfect, no-guilt nosh between meals . . . and finding them 24/7 in a 7-Eleven is a thing of beauty. With more than 60,000 locations in the world, I always know a 7-Eleven (and imminent Quest Cereal Bar score) will be showing up soon on my road trippin’ radar.

Drop by a 7-Eleven any time of the day or night to grab a few Quest Cereal Bars as a satisfying and healthy alternative!

Also, as a motivator for you to try these Quest Cereal Bars, I’m also personally hosting a for a $25 Visa Gift Card so that one winner can load up on protein bars (or whatever)! To enter, follow the simple Rafflecopter instructions.

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145 thoughts on “Road Trip Rules for People Who Can’t Sit Still! #OnAQuest

  1. I like the fact that they are a gluten free product. A gluten free product is important to me.

  2. I loved this essay, great tips for restless riders! My hubby and I travel often for OCR’s so I’ll definitely be trying out some of these tips!

    • Ugh, we back last night from our road trip and got stuck in an extra hour of highway construction traffic . . . need to edit my post to include MEDITATION 😉

  3. They are naturally sweetened. I’ve only tried the waffle one, need to try other ones.

  4. I learned that they make a waffle flavor nutrition bar, which I’m really interested in trying! And I learned that I can find these bars at Lindberg Nutrition.

  5. I learned that the company uses sucralose in their bars. For one reason because it’s a versatile sweetener with a sweetness profile very close to sugar.

  6. Quest Labs is an exclusive, advance purchase community where members get to help shape the future of food. If you’re a member of Quest Labs, you get access to all the latest, innovative Quest creations before anyone else.

  7. I learned that Allulose is a sweetener found in nature that offers all the taste and texture of traditional sugar but with only 1/10th of the calories.

  8. I learned that the Quest Cereal Bars are sold in Walmart stores. I will have to get me some to try out!

  9. I saw that they have a Chocolate Caramel Pecan flavor bar. That would be my favorite.

  10. I learned that they also make pasta, such as spinach fettuccine! Cool!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. I had no idea what allulose was. I learned its a natural sweetener with only 1/10th of the calories of traditional sugar.

  12. What I learned about Sucralose:

    – It’s up to 600% as sweet as sugar, so you don’t need to use a lot of it.
    – It’s non-cariogenic – meaning it won’t cause tooth decay.
    – 85% of sucralose isn’t absorbed in your digestive tract.

  13. I learned that Allulose is a sweetener found in nature that offers all the taste and texture of traditional sugar with less calories!

  14. I don’t eat them anymore because I am vegan and they are not, but I enjoyed the Cinnamon Roll flavor cereal bar. I learned from the website that those have 12g of protein!

  15. I learned they are upgrading to use a machine to make their products – and it arrived unassembled with no manual! I can’t imagine! Sounds like a fun place to work in addition to having a mission!! Wow!

  16. Some of their products use Allulose, a revolutionary sweetener found in nature .

  17. I learned that the protein bars contain 20-21g of protein, soy and gluten free, no added sugar. This is more healthier than most foods

  18. The come in three different flavors – the Cinnamon Roll flavor sounds delicious.

  19. Never heard of allulose, very interesting. I am trying to cut out as much sugar as possible in my diet. The cereal bars have incredible reviews!

  20. Waffle flavor is something tasty after all they have added the sweet taste of maple syrup and the buttery flavor of fresh waffles into every bite YUM

  21. I visited the Quest website and was very surprised to see that they make a “guilt free” pasta. I thought they only made the bars. Waffle flavor looks like a good breakfast option.

  22. I like that the cinnamon crunch protein powder has 20 grams of protein and only 5 carbs, I have not seen a protein powder with this flavor before and it sounds good.

  23. Something I learned and liked – you can received 3 free Beyond Cereal Bard with every order today!

  24. I learned they have Peanut Butter Cups
    Real food that tastes like candy. 20g protein, 4g net carbs*, unbeatable taste.

  25. I’ve tried the Mint Chocolate Chunk Protein Bars and really like them. With 20 g of protein each, they make a great and healthy snack when you can’t grab a proper meal.

  26. I didn’t know they had protein chips – can’t wait to try the Salt & Vinegar.

  27. I learned that they are sold in Walmart stores which is awesome as i go there all the time.

  28. I learned they have spaghetti with 4g total carbs. This would be great for me as I’m on a low carb diet.

  29. I found out they make a waffle flavor ! I have never heard of a waffle flavor anything well except waffles… thats neat!

  30. I learned that they have peanut butter cups! With protein! I’d be so excited to try those. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. I learned that All Quest Protein Bars contain tree nuts and/or peanut ingredients.

  32. I learned that their protein chips come in several flavors, most of which correspond with those of ‘junk’ chilps.

  33. I learned they have way more flavors than I thought. Who wouldn’t love waffle flavor

  34. With 15 grams of protein and only 4g of Net Carbs, this Hero is #OnAQuest to help you put bad snacks behind bar

    Chocolate Caramel Pecan sounds so good.

  35. Well first they make sour cream and onion protein chips so I have got to try those, but they also sell them at a Walmart near where I live so that’s awesome!

  36. I love the variety of their products and the flavors that they have available.

  37. ALLULOSE: This is our first product using Allulose, a revolutionary sweetener found in nature that offers all the taste and texture of traditional sugar, but with only 1/10th of the calories!

  38. I learned that Quest Beyond Cereal Protein Bar chocolate flavored is packing 12g of protein and only 110 calories.

  39. learned Allulose is a sweetener found in nature with only 1/10th of the calories of sugar

  40. I learned that there are many more products other than cereal bars. I was really interested in the pasta and the peanut butter cup craving .

  41. I love their commitment to making food that does not compromise taste or nutrition.

  42. I learned allulose is a natural sweetener with only 1/10th of the calories of traditional sugar.

  43. I learned that when the company grew into a commercial kitchen, the equipment they purchased had to be assembled, like giant Legos.

  44. i learned that CheatClean with America’s Favorite Protein Bar! 20-21g of protein, soy and gluten free, no added sugar.

  45. I learned they know my cravings and they have Peanut Butter Cups listed in the cravings section!

  46. I learned that they have a waffle flavor which hopefully has the baked taste as well as the syrup flavor.

  47. The Cinnamon Roll Cereal Bar is their first product using Allulose, a revolutionary sweetener found in nature that offers all the taste and texture of traditional sugar, but with only 1/10th of the calories!

  48. I never heard of Allulose before. I learned that it is a natural sweetener found in raisins, figs, and maple syrup and that it tastes like sugar but with a lot less calories. That is interesting.

  49. I thought all of the flavors on their website sound good. Especially the chocolate which is 25.99 a box or 1.99 a bar which is great.

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