Scorpion Yoga Practice and #AugustaActive Giveaway

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I can’t pretend to be an expert at the Scorpion pose (vrschikasana) or even yoga in general, but I’ve been working on this particular move for a year now and it’s come a long way. The funny thing about yoga is that you DO have to practice – experienced yogis make everything look so easy, but it’s really hard work. Some of the simplest moves sill elude me — my hamstrings and hip flexors are in a chronic state of tightness and often don’t want to cooperate!  Can you believe that some can people can even arch enough to rest feet on the head – WOW!  Scorpion Yoga Pose - I like to call the Scorpion my “killer” party trick and I’ll #stopdropandyoga one whenever the mood stikes – however sometimes, it’s hard to find a photographer (I think I have mortified and scarred my kids for life).  Augusta Active Workout Wear - Anyway, it’s easiest to do yoga or any other type of fitness activity when you are properly attired and feel cute (or manly, I suppose if you’re a guy). I recently was sent athletic gear (Action Color Block Capri and Jazzy Open Back Tank) along with a Cruise Duffle gym bag from Augusta Sportswear to try out – so cute and flattering in black with pink accents. Not only is this fitness sportswear stylish, but also comfortable for my day at the gym followed by a little yoga practice. I was also mightily impressed with the amount of gear that the gym bag held. I probably take way too much stuff on my outings including my blogging camera, a couple extra workout outfits, toiletries and recovery snacks – but I’m always prepared!   Augusta Active Prize Pack guy augusta sportsYou could win some of this Augusta Sportswear workout wear for yourself! Enter the giveaway for an “Active Kit” – just look at all the cool loot you could win!  To be clear, one guy winner receives the MALE kit and one woman winner receives the FEMALE kit. I love how Augusta doesn’t forget about keeping the guys in our lives geared up for performance and looking good!  Some other notes on the contest:  The giveaway begins on January 12th and ends on January 19th 2015. The giveaway is open to US residents only. Styles/colors of the giveaway items may vary based on availability.   This post and giveaway for gym clothes and athletic gear is sponsored by Augusta Sportswear. All editorial comments and opinions are my own.

What is your favorite yoga pose? a Rafflecopter giveaway

64 thoughts on “Scorpion Yoga Practice and #AugustaActive Giveaway

  1. I am starting out realistic. I hope. I plan to get more active this year by moving more, sitting less, which is not easy at times.

  2. I am trying new things to get out of my fitness comfort zone! Spin and kickboxing are my new faves!

  3. I’m going to stay fit in 2015 by running, doing yoga, and lots of hiking trips with my hubby!

  4. Crow and pigeon! I couldn’t do crow pose for the first two classes but worked my arse off at home…now I wish she’d let us hold it for longer!

    • THanks Christine — BTW, I have been loving the scenery in your IG photos lately (an your poses too)

  5. child pose is my favorite yoga move and I plan on staying fit in 2015 by adding more reps to my workouts

  6. I’ve never even seen the scorpion pose before. I must try it. And I love that bag from Augusta Sportswear

  7. It is so true that the pros make it looks soooo easy! I am always shocked at the difficulty of some of those poses, but practice has been helping. I am loving the different headstand inversion variations.

  8. So far in 2015 I’ve been active running and spinning. I plan to continue and also add swimming.

  9. Camel and eagle pose are two of my favorites. I hope we get to the scorpion pose in one of my classes soon!

  10. I can barely get on my arms on the floor without falling over, so I am totally impressed by your pose. I plan on doing more yoga this year, but I am starting from the very beginning — so one pose I know I will master is child’s pose. haha!

  11. I will get active in 2015 by finishing my 200 hour yoga certification and getting back to running!

  12. I have never done Yoga poses but have started meditating. Now that I have recovered from an accident I am eager to start getting stronger and regain flexibility. So, I don’t know any Yoga poses yet but one day soon I will.

  13. My favorite yoga pose is Child’s Pose. I plan on doing yoga twice a week, Zumba once a week and a mixed martial arts class once a week. When the weather gets warm I run/sprint/walk. That takes the inches off.

  14. My husband and I have been working out together. We will be doing a lot of cross training this year.

  15. I’m continuing my zumba classes (love them), boot camp (not so much, but it’s a really good workout and is helping my get stronger), lots of walking and have recently added pilates (love it as well).

  16. My plan for this year is to increase my workouts and cut back on my coffee consumption because it is out of control.

  17. I’ve been actively working out for 9 months now, I plan to just increase what I’m already doing.

  18. I bought a fitness tracker and am tracking my fitness which is motivating me to exercise more and trying to set a time to exercise no matter what

  19. I will have to try the scorpion pose. I do a pose I think is called “leaning tree” and I love it. I am getting fit or more fit by running and weight training.

  20. Because I do extended backpacking trips each year, I take hikes when the weather clears, intense cardio workouts and some strength training. I would like to try to incorporate yoga too…always good to have the body stretched.

  21. I am staying active by running, hiking, and recently took up snowshoeing. I also like childs pose I just signed up for a yoga class hoping to get even better in 2015!

  22. I will be incorporating Pilates and weights into my workouts this year.


  23. I will be running more this year. I had limited time for running last year and have finally made space in my day for a morning run.

  24. I just started becoming more active this week by walking more, parking father away in parking lots and Trying to move more than I have in the past.

  25. My favorite pose is the Child Pose. I am getting more active this year by getting better organized. I admit it is baby steps but I have been more consistent and doing it on a daily basis little by little.

  26. I finally like pigeon. (A very stiff individual, even as a child. Hey, baby steps are still steps.)

  27. I plan on eating healthier foods and walking a lot more in 2015. Thanks for having this contest!

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