Why You Should Workout with Your Sweetie + Partner WOD

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Most people don’t equate Valentine’s Day with working out, but maybe they should! Breaking a sweat with your sweetie is not only a fun “date” and good for your health, it also boasts bunch of benefits that will keep any relationship fit and strong.   Here are the three most compelling reasons, in my opinion, why couples who sweat together, stay together.

Soulmates make the best ‘swolemates’. Opposites often attract and even similar-personality partners may not have many interests which overlap. However, exercising together is an activitity that can help every couple connect — it creates accountability, increases synchronicity, and promotes a shared passion. One study (Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000) suggests that couples who participated together in an exciting and challenging physical activity reported a higher level of love and relationship satisfaction.

More fun, less stress.  The never-ending responsibilities of adulthood can take a toll.  Instead of coping with worry, anxiety and conflict in an unhealthy manner, exercising is a positive way to shed life’s irritations . . . and maybe even a few unwanted inches. And, when you hit the gym, tackle the running trails, or go zen in a yoga class with your spouse or significant other, it’s like a date – and that’s fun!

Ooh, la, la endorphins and other hormones! The racing pulse, shortness of breath and sweatiness that comes from a good workout sounds a lot like the symptoms of romantic attraction! Researchers (Dutton & Aron, 1974) say that people can easily mistake the two – so if you’re feeling hot and bothered at the gym, this is why!

Here’s a partner workout you can try with your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day – or any other day of the year!

Heart Pumping Partner Workout - TheFitFork.com

zooma buttonI also want to give a shout out the Zooma Women’s Race Series again – I’m back in my 4th year as an ambassador for this very fun and empowering race targeted to women. While there is a lot o she-power going on at Zooma, MEN are not excluded – in fact, they are welcomed! I especially love it when I see a couple running side by side, one giving encouragement to the other! So, round up your most loved running partner and enter the upcoming Texas race on March 28, 2015.  Pick from the half-marathon, 10k or 5k and don’t forget to toast each other afterward with complementary wine and bubbly at the finish line!  Register for the Texas race HERE and use discount code JENNIFER15 or 10% off any distance.

Here’s another fitness shout out – this time for Tommie Copper, a line of stylish yet functional compression wear that supports muscles for improved performance, recovery and relief. Look at some of these cute items I’ve been wearing to the gym and on my runs – and Tommie Copper has just as much gear for the guys! Right now a huge Presidents’ Day Sale is going off and you can save up to $40 on your order along with free shipping – check it outtommie copper jennifer fisher

Michele's Granola BarsReady to share a post-workout snack together? Well, if I was picking, I’d split a Core Power High Protein Shake with my hubby and one of these delish granola bars from Michele’s Granola. Made from scratch in small batches, these healthy treats are packaged 10 bars (assorted flavors) to a pack and can be ordered from Michele’s Granola web store. Ooh, the Cherry Chocolate is my favorite.

Disclaimer: I was provided product or sponsorship in return or my review and promotion of these products. However, all opinions are my own.

A Day in the Life of my Running Skirt: YMX #LifeArtSport

jennifer fisher - thefitfork.com - wearYMXWhen I wake up in the morning, I almost always get dressed for the day in my workout clothes. Not because I’m an early-bird exerciser; it most definitely takes me several hours to get into that zone. And, it’s not because I’m lazy or like stretchable waistbands (okay, well maybe a little). But, it’s because I am a busy mom to three boys enrolled in three different schools with a gazillion extra-curricular activities, I never know exactly when and how I’m going to fit my running and workouts in. I just know I WILL get it done, somehow, somewhere.  And, that means being geared up appropriately to take advantage of “found” time for fitness, whether it is knocking off a hundred burpees while waiting for band practice to let out or working in a tempo run between the last carpool drop-off and dinner-making duty. Thank goodness, I set the dress code since I work for myself.

Unless it’s freezing outside (a rarity in Texas), my favorite “at-the-ready” look is a running skirt. I started wearing fitness skirts about four years ago when they were first starting to trend for runners. I remember thinking it was about time the convenience, cuteness and coverage of a sporty skirt branched out to some of us other athletes who lead hectic lives — not just the tennis girls. A good fitness or running skirt will take you from the trail to a teacher’s conference, speed workout to the supermarket, or a weight workout to a relaxing lunch with friends. The cut of most athletic skirts flatter the figure and cover all the jiggly bits. That means less worrying about (likely non-exercising) onlookers gawking at your skimpy shorts or skin-tight tights as you race through the checkout line with a bunch of bananas.

jennifer fisher - thefitfork.com - ymx collage

Even the weekends are busy; check out what my running skirt did this Saturday!

  1. 7 am: Drive a kid to catch a bus for a school trip.
  2. 9 am: Visit Fit and Fearless CrossFit for a WOD of sit-up/stand-ups, pull-ups, rowing, and kettle bells.
  3. 11 am: Cheer on a son’s flag-football game and listen to the post-game play-by-play.
  4. Noon: Sneak in a smoothie and some blogging time.
  5. 1 pm: Shop for groceries and potted plants.
  6. 3 pm: More sports! Help son warm up for soccer game.
  7. 7 pm: Guess who’s making dinner?
  8. 9 pm: So done with the day!

So, this weekend I wore the Infinite Tribal Wrap Skort in green form YMX by Yellowman. It looks like a skirt, but with a hidden attached short lining. This means I am free to hang off the monkey bars or do cartwheels as I please! The super-soft, featherweight fabric has a UPF of 30+ and wicks away moisture, dries quickly, and is odor-resistant – so nice for us sweaty girls who probably won’t see a shower until the sun sets. Another thing I love is that this particular running skirt is in no way generic. It echoes the unique, artsy flavor of the entire line of YMX by Yellowman; their designs are beautiful and definitely not boring. A bit like myself, I must say (Okay, if you can’t love yourself, who will?) I will note that the skirt seems a little big for a size Small, but that’s definitely better that the alternative! Plus, the skirt falls mid-thigh, measuring 15.5 inches from waist to hem. The longer length is perfect for multi-purpose wear, but if you don’t like so much fabric on your legs when you run, check out their Infinite Tribal Racing Short – haven’t tried these yet, but they look awesome!

lifeartsport ymx thefitfork jennifer fisher

I also love this sweet tank, the silvery color and silky performance fabric definitely put some polish into my workout routine!  Check out the Elemental Flower Scoop Neck Tank.

YMX by Yellowman provided me with products to wear and review at my discretion. I was in no other way compensated for my time and viewpoints. The opinions shared within this post 100-percent my own and not influenced in anyway YMX by Yellowman.