Supplement Strategy of Middle Age Female Endurance Athlete – Peek Inside my Medicine Cabinet

Friends and acquaintances on social media frequently ask me what supplements I use to support my active lifestyle. Partly, I’ve never really answered the question because it feels like opening up my medicine cabinet and inviting strangers rifle through at their leisure. And, also partly because I don’t want anyone to use MY cocktail of supplements as a cookie cutter solution for their needs. That just won’t work, we are all unique people with different needs. Peek Inside My Medicine Cabinet

However, that being said, I think that many of my supplements, considered individually, could help another female athlete (and in some cases, men) optimize wellness and performance . . . and so, I share! But please consult a medical professional if you thing you want to try one or more of these. Read on to learn about my major challenges as an elite master’s athlete (running, obstacle course racing, and CrossFit) and the supplement solutions I use on both a daily and as-needed basis. Continue reading

Tasty Turmeric Recipes That May Ease Inflammation

Turmeric adds flavor, color and a host of health benefits to your recipes.Turmeric has thousands of scientific studies supporting its health benefits – it’s a remarkable rhizome! Whether used raw like ginger or in dried, ground form, this beautifully orange-yellow spice has been prized for thousands of years for the anti-inflammatory benefits that come from the chemical compound curcumin. Not only does the curcumin in turmeric help reduce inflammation and thereby lessen tendonitis, joint and muscle pain, and arthritis aches, the powerful antioxidants have been shown to regulate blood sugar and lessen the risk for certain cancers.

Check out 10 Turmeric Spiced Foods That May Reduce Inflammation

by The Fit Fork at Mode

Turmeric is a healthy way to add color and flavor to your recipes. The warm and faintly citrusy flavor is delicious and enhances both savory and sweet tastes.  I hope you enjoy the collection of turmeric recipes I curated for

Turmeric Honey Almond MilkDon’t miss the Turmeric Honey Almond Milk I posted about earlier in the year – a little “shot” of this beverages can be taken either hot or cold before bed to help ease the aches and pains of the day – and help you get a better night sleep.  Almond milk and turmeric also help with indigestion and reflux, making this a great nightcap if you suffer with these problems.


Are you a fan of turmeric?  What is your favorite way to use the spice? Please share in the comments! XOXO-Jennifer


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