Fall for Holiday Smoothies at Red Mango

This post is sponsored by Red Mango, however the opinions about my experience are totally my own.

When I searched directions to Red Mango, a yogurt and smoothie franchise I’d been hearing great things about, the “popular times” chart next to the Google map indicated that a surprising amount of people are there around 6pm. Yay, I knew smoothies and/or frozen yogurt before (or in lieu of) dinner was a legit thing!  Red Mango austin

Hey, I’m always starving post workout, so I don’t care who knows I’m that girl who likes to be first in line to get her food. The way I see it is that I earned my smoothie with sweat equity and, in fact, if I don’t refuel with some healthy carbs and protein pronto, I’m going to lose my hard-earned investment. Finding out Red Mango was offering fall-flavored smoothies for the holiday season was the pumpkin-spiced cherry on top of the day – read on to find out: Continue reading