Healthy Protein Challenge Snack – Plenti Greek Yogurt

Plenti Greel Yogurt by Yoplait has 12 grams of protein and makes a satisfying, healthy snack.I know you are all are as busy as me  — sometimes I get so sidetracked with my workouts, kids and errands that I’ve forgotten to eat a meal or nourishing snack (my new favorite Plenti Greek Yogurt, more about that below)– that’s not a good thing and honestly, not even a good way to lose weight (if that is your goal). Whether you are trying to drop a few pounds, maintain weight, or fuel up with extra calories to support a training schedule full of strength-training, yoga, and endurance sports, it’ best eat three balanced meals a day and protein-rich snacks between, if needed.

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Plenti Greek Yogurt helps fuel my busy, active life that includes yoga, running and CrossFit.

I am a huge Greek yogurt fan – I eat it daily for breakfast and a bedtime snack! Recently, I discovered a new variety called Plentí Yogurt made by Yoplait, a brand I’ve trusted and served to my family for years! What makes Plenti unique and alluringly convenient in my eyes is that it comes pre-packed with loads of the “good stuff” including strained Greek yogurt, fruit, whole grain oats, flax and seeds – all the stuff I love to stir into my plain Greek yogurt but am often too tired or too low on pantry and fridge food to do so!  It comes in eight yummy flavors; you’ll never get bored — Black Cherry, Blueberry, Coconut, Peach, Raspberry, Spiced Apple, Strawberry and Vanilla.

Plenti Greek Yogurt by Yoplait is packed with wholesome goodness and makes a satisfying breakfast, snack or healthy dessert.

Whew, what a relief to know that I can just grab one of the eight Plenti Greek yogurt healthy flavors “as-is” from the fridge for a quick breakfast, post-workout snack or healthy dessert. Because Plenti has 12 grams of protein per serving, it makes a tasty and satisfying snack that boosts my energy so that I can conquer even the most “plentiful” day. I’ve talked lots about the benefits of eating protein and the Protein Challenge on my blog and with television and radio media, and Plenti fits right in.

Protein-Packed Snacks

Add Greek Yogurt to this list! Serving of Plenti Yogurt has 12 grams protein.

I aim to make protein 30 percent of my daily calorie intake, taking in about 25 to 30 grams of protein at each of my three meals and supplementing with two healthy snacks with about 10 to 15 grams of protein each. A growing body of research is suggesting that spreading protein consumption throughout the day (starting with breakfast) can improve cardiovascular health, better address muscle maintenance and growth, and help maintain weight by keeping away those “hangries” that happen when your blood sugar drops and energy level tanks (from eating too many carb-heavy foods).

Plenti Greek YogurtI really encourage you to check out Plenti Greek Yogurt for yourself and also their new, fun Instagram site– this product features a 1:1 protein to sugar ratio (12 grams of each) – now just because I like a higher protein diet doesn’t mean I shun healthy carbs and a small amount of sugar – I need it to provide quick energy for my runs!  Look for Plenti in the dairy section of your market – you’ll smile putting it into your cart knowing that it’s made with lots of wholesome ingredient that will do your body good – it’s also a gluten-free food and also has no gelatin, if these are concerns for you.

What flavor sounds the most delicious to you – Black Cherry, Blueberry, Coconut, Peach, Raspberry, Spiced Apple, Strawberry or Vanilla? Please share in the comments below and also share the most “fun” fitness thing you’ve done this week! XOXO – Jennifer


Greek Yogurt Sundae Bedtime Snack + Dallas Marathon Recap

Eating a bed time snack is NOT evil, nor will it make you fat. All my life, I’ve heard misguided food rules like “don’t eat after 8 pm” or “eating fat makes you fat.” Sure, you can’t pig out on a whole pizza or pint of gelato and expect to stay at a racing weight, but a healthy snack packed with 10 to 20 grams of protein is a smart choice for nocturnal noshing. This amount of protein helps to satiate hunger as it goes to work repairing muscle damage from workouts earlier in the day. My blood sugar remains stable through the wee hours and the result of this protein snack is that I don’t wake up in the middle of the night hungry or in the morning drained of energy.Greek Yogurt Sundae with Raspberries & Chocolate Chips - One of my favorite snacks to eat before bed is a bowl of Greek yogurt with raspberries and mini chocolate chips. Chobani is a favorite brand, the texture is so smooth and creamy and the company only uses natural non-GMO ingredients. There are so many delicious flavors like coconut and key lime — but I usually get the plain and mix in a flavored Stevia (like NuNaturals Vanilla or Chocolate Syrup) along with raspberries and a teaspoon or two of mini chocolate chips. It’s my version of a fudge sundae! I get 15 grams of quality protein thanks to this sensible sweet treat and all the ingredients I just listed have barely over 120 calories combined! An added bonus is that Greek yogurt has lots of calcium, and I could always use more of that bone-building mineral!Dallas Marathon - Jennifer Fisher So, on to the Dallas Marathon — I basically blew up at mile 18.Although I was super hydrated (I thought) and reasonably well-rested, I couldn’t hang at my planned pace in the high humidity conditions. At mile 15, I felt leg cramps coming on. Thank goodness my mom showed up with my favorite Nuun Hydration tabs (Kona Cola) super concentrated in a bottle of water — I drank full bottles during my TWO porta potty stops (ugh — there went 5 minutes).

mom giving me nuun at dallas marathon I had to start run-walking at mile 18 and was literally just making it 100 yards at a time near the end. This was my second worst marathon finish ever by a minute at 3:32 , 22 minutes off my plan and 42 minutes off an ancient PR, yet I notice that people roll their eyes when I mention the 2nd place age group finish — that was a surprise considering my condition. The highlight of the race was not when I fell into the door of the port-a-potty and scraped up my arm, but instead the highlight was proving to myself I had the grit not to quit. Ryan Hall was at the finish line and put the medal around my neck – that was awesome! So I am left with a dilemma. Ever since getting back to running in my 40s, nabbing a marathon time that correlates training and effort-wise to my other race distances (in everything from the 1 mile to 1/2 marathon) eludes me. In some ways, I’m ready to break up with the marathon . . . . but I can’t let my  final experience be this last one. But, that means I have to run another . . .

Have any of you runners ever had these feelings? What’s the longest you’ve ever “broken up” with running?