3 Companies Keeping Me Happy, Healthy and Running!

1) MilestonePod Running Wearable

Milestone Pod wearable gadget for runners

I’m fairly low tech when it comes to running, oh how I do love a good pair of shoes and cute outfit, but sometimes all that data at my fingertips pushes me over the edge. In the past, I was a die-hard stat tracker, but today (although I do check in with my running benchmarks now and then), I don’t always record every lap, loop and interval of every run (but when I do, a good GPS watch can’t be beat). Recently, MilestonePod sent me their brand new wearable that provides easy access to “just enough for me” activity data to keep me in touch with my general performance (like overall distance, pace and calories burned that I can check at the end of my run but not every insufferable second), along with insights on my personal running style and how to improve it.  What I REALLY love is how MilestonePod also tracks an assortment of additional metrics such cadence, foot strike and stride length. For example, I’m always trying to keep my cadence between 180 and 200 and this easy to wear gadget keeps the count for me – it also breaks out the percentage of time I strike with heel, forefoot or toes – it makes your shoes smart! Very interesting and useful feedback!  Very reasonably priced (under $30) with a free user app that is downloaded for both Android and iPhone, there is no reason for a runner to give  MilestonePod a go! #GoBeyondPace

2) POPSUGAR Must Have Box

I love LOVE getting these POPSUGAR Must Have boxes in the mail every month – it’s like having twelve birthdays a year!  There are usually around six to eight “gifts” that sum up the season perfectly
(sometimes more)– the July subscription box included sunscreen for your hair, darling emoji fabric cocktail napkins, a lightweight scarf, a cute pineapple pin, an inflatable drink holder that looks like a swan (how cute is this for the pool?), yummy old-school style potato chips, brow highlighter (ooh, middle-aged me needs the lift) and a gift card for $20 towards customizable jewelry from an online boutique!

You need to try out a subscription to POPSUGAR Must Have Box yourself, I’ve never been disappointed!  Get $5 off your first #MustHaveBox box (no expiration date) with code SHOP5 at http://bit.lt/2ao52ns 

3) EverlyWell

everlywell logo

I also just mailed in my Sleep Balance Profile and Home Collection Kit from EverlyWell to identify hormone-related sleep imbalances. Yeah, I am not a champion sleeper and am at my breaking point. I need to know what is going on with my body and EverlyWell makes it simple and convenient to #KnowYourNumbers and I hope the results well help me work with my pharmacist and/or doctor to find the right seep relief I need. They have all sorts of home tests including Food Sensitivities, Cholesterol & Lipids, Heavy Metals, and more. I’ll be posting a full review and the findings from my Sleep & Stress Test in a week or two – but, in the meantime, if you want to save 10% use the code EVERLY10 at checkout.

Please note: EverlyWell offers laboratory testing for wellness monitoring, the tests are not meant to diagnose or treat disease, or to take the place of a physician’s consultation. Testing is not available in NY, MD, RI, or NJ due to regulatory restrictions. EverlyWell does not provide medical advice and always suggests sharing your results with your primary care physician. 

Disclaimer: I was provided products and/or compensation to review these products and give my honest feedback – all comments, feedback and enthusiasm are my own!

Benefits of Running & Music | Get 1 Free Month RockMyRun Rockstar + Giveaway


Jennifer Fisher at Zooma Texas Half Marathon

Crushing a challenging Texas Hill Country race (Zooma Texas Half Marathon) with the help of music. Music for the win!

Should you run and workout listening to music, or not? I’ve blogged on the topic before (here), so no need to rehash every little detail. In my opinion, if music provides some motivation to get up off the couch and is used safely (be aware of traffic, stranger danger, and hearing loss if too loud), then by all means hit the play button and boogie on. I wear headphones on the treadmill and in many longer races, perhaps half of the time while running my neighborhood – but rarely in a shorter races or speed workouts on the track. In these cases, I like to focus all my senses on the feedback I’m getting from my body – it just seems like music gets in the way.  Oh, and never with a friend – there is just too much catching up to do!

One Free Month RockMyRun.com Premium Rockstar Membership

I do love music, but must have a short attention span. One thing I’ve noticed is that I get bored with my music library very quickly — ugh, and then it’s just the same old songs wearing me down. So needless to say, I was excited to try out Rock My Run, a free, top rated fitness music smartphone app available for iOS and Android. RockMyRun creates high energy, motivational mixes that are designed by DJ’s specifically for exercise – right now, I’m listening to the Super Twerk Mix (don’t laugh) that has a two hour play list of hip-hop specifically mixed to keep 200 beats per minute (bpm). I like the faster mixes that are 180 to 200 bpm because that’s the same number I like to keep per minute for foot strikes during tempo runs, speed work and races.

Rock My Run Giveaway - TheFitFork.com

If you use the RockMyRun app on your iPhone or Android, check out the myBeat™ Body Driven Music feature. Proprietary algorithms read your steps per minute, heart rate and soon pace to adjust and deliver content (music tempo – BPM) in real time to match, motivate or calm you at just the right moment. MIND BLOWN! You can also able to manually change the BPM of the mixes on RockMyRun to help them achieve a personal goal.

RockMyRun creates lots of other high energy, motivational mixes that are designed by DJ’s specifically for exercise. Use of the app has recently been proven to increase the enjoyment of the running experience by up to 35 percent compared to static playlists or no music.  Other studies have shown that running with music can increase your performance by 15 percent —  the USTFA lifted their strict sanctions against headphone use in 2008 and left the decision in the hands of individual race directors. However, headphones remain banned for any athlete competing in a USA Championship — no music doping, you must suffer in silence!

Music and Exercise Infographic - TheFitFork.com

Click infographic to find out other interesting info about music and exercise.

It’s superfast and easy to download the Rock My Run app on your iPhone or android, create an account and start downloading mixes through WiFi. If you don’t want to hear ads while streaming music, you can sign up for RockMyRun Rockstar (premium) memberships for as little as $35.99 per year or $4.99 going month to month – you are even allowed to download a limited amount of mixes to a personal music player – that’s how I’ve been listening on the Wifi-less trails. I also really appreciate how clean lyric mixes are available, because who really wants to explain Truffle Butter to their kids?! To get you started, Rock My Run is offering ALL MY READERS a code that will get you ONE FREE MONTH OF ROCKMYRUN PREMIUM ROCKSTAR – just enter RMRBJ at RockMyRun.com, download the app onto your phone and get rockin’!

fit 2.0 jlabI am also giving away one GRAND PRIZE —  an entire YEAR of RockMyRun Rockstar plus a pair of JLab Audio’s Fit 2.0 Sport Earbuds.  Whoohoo, take advantage of the one free month and enter to win the full year and headphones in the Rafflecopter app below:


rock my run logo

a Rafflecopter giveaway

BeefFit, BeefFast + Soleus Mini GPS #Giveaway

A couple of beefy happenings going on in my life this week – let me share! First up, a guest blog post I wrote for Beef Loving Texans, go check it out. Basically, I talk about my philosophy of NOT dieting in a restrictive way, but instead focusing on filling my plate with wholesome and real foods. You’ll also find some other good tips on portion control and serving sizes along with a crazy-easy breakfast recipe for a super thin frittata that cooks up on a baking sheet.

Eat Real Food - TheFitFork.com

I have another guest post today on Core Power about how beef is a super food for SUPER ATHLETES! The folks at Core Power totally understand the benefits of beef for an active lifestyle – it was like preaching to the choir. Some days I time to grill up a steak, other days I rely on their high protein shakes for convenient refueling after a workout.  Whether beef or a shake, getting enough protein is crucial to muscle recovery after exercise. Protein helps build back damaged muscle tissue, reduces cortisol levels and, when eaten in tandem with carbohydrates, helps the body to efficiently replenish glycogen stores.

Beef - Superfood for Super Athletes - TheFitFork.com

Soleus Mini GPS - Jennifer Fisher - TheFitFork.comNow, I’m excited to tell you about my new Soleus GPS Mini watch. Now, when I say “mini,” I definitely don’t mean that this watch skimps on functionality, not at all! Instead it has a welcomed petite and streamlined silhouette that is NOTHING like that old dinosaur GPS I had been wearing for years. Soleus Running is totally right when they say “big things come in little packages,” — they are referring to the size of watch, but it also applies to the possible end result of wearing this watch – a PR.  IF you are a runner or triathlete of any ability, you know exactly how BIG of a deal that even a super small 1 or 2 second PR can be and this GPS watch can help you get there.  Big things DO come in little packages!

Anyway, onto the awesomeness of this cute GPS watch. It does everything I need it to. It keeps tables on my speed, distance and pace. It has a 100-lap memory, automatic lap slips, a calorie counter, simple 4-button interface, weighs less than 2 ounces, costs only around $100, comes in a variety of colors and more – check out all the other features here. Plus, awesome Olympic runner mama Kara Groucher wears one AND on the back plate the watch says “Sweat can be sexy,” so ‘nuff said.

Pink Soleus Mini GPS - TheFitFork.com

So, whoohoo . . . I get to give a Soleus Mini GPS Watch away to help one of my readers look great while achieving new levels of badassery.

soleus running logo



This giveaway is sponsored by Soleus, however all review opinions are my own. Enter through the Rafflecopter app below!

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#MyAdventure with Artichokes & the Art of Yoga

Okay, random enough for you – artichokes and yoga?!  Well, actually the pair makes perfect sense to me since discovering new ways to cook favorite foods and pushing myself into challenging and sometimes even uncomfortable situations (literally) are two of the ways I satisfy my adventure-seeking soul.

travel dress lightweight wool

I was very excited, yet a bit skeptical, when Icebreaker.com invited me to try out their New Zealand Merino wool fitness, outdoor and travel clothing for my next adventure. My first thought was wool in August – now that will definitely be a memorable experience! However, this company makes clothing in all weights that perform beautifully in the extremes of weather – cold and hot!  The clothing I ordered didn’t itch like traditional wool, didn’t leave me feeling sticky and clammy like synthetics and was never soggy or stinky like cotton can be.

The Villa Plume Dress (above) is my new favorite dress – which is a huge testament to its awesomeness because I love LOVE dresses and have a closet full to compete! What I appreciate about this 200-lightweight wool dress is that it feels as comfy as wearing my favorite nightgown around town, but is super stylish and dressy enough for business meetings or just heading to the market to shop for – ARTICHOKES! Plus, for summer trips – I just tossed it in my luggage and it came out totally wrinkle-free!

lightweight wool underwear for travel

So, on a trip to Mount Vernon this summer, I packed along some other Icebreaker gear – the Siren Hipkini Underwear. Sorry, you’re not going to get to see me modeling these panties (ha) but trust me – the underwear are under there! While I was traipsing through George Washington’s lower gardens looking at the bounty of fruit and vegetable crops (including one of his favorite — the artichoke!), I thought I was going to melt – it was pushing 100 degrees and the Potomac River humidity was only adding to the sweatfest. Thank goodness for my lightweight wool undies – they wicked moisture right away and were quick to dry. Too bad Martha and her ladies in waiting didn’t have these itty-bitty green bloomers!

merion wool running socks icebreakersI also was able to try out the Women’s Multi-Sport Ultra-Light Micro Socks as I ran around the Mall in Washington, DC – lightweight for summer sports, non-chaffing toe seams and cute colors! I’ll be stocking up on more of these for my upcoming race season!


artichoke plant mt vernon

At artichoke growing in the garden at Mt. Vernon.


When I got home from #MyAdventure, I really had a hankering for those artichokes I saw growing in George’s garden. I’ve always purchased artichokes already prepared and marinated from my local gourmet store — Central Market has some delish ones on the deli bar.  I’ve seen recipes for grilling artichokes and steaming artichokes the way my mom did back when I was a kid (I remember my parents dipping artichoke leaves into garlic butter as a special appetizer), but I was always a bit intimidated by these big thorny thistles.

Then, I had a light bulb moment – why not make them in a slow cooker? The low, slow cooking method would surely yield a tender treat – and I was right! Plus, I loved the convenience of just popping them in the slow cooker and then leaving to run errands for a few hours rather than standing around in the kitchen waiting for them to steam for 45-ish minutes. Also, instead of a decadent butter dip – I added a drizzle of Caesar dressing and a few Parmesan cheese sprinkles to keep things healthy. It’s a recipe I created for Litehouse Foods; check it out for the rest of the story and more mouthwatering photos!

caesar slow cooker artichokes

Caesar Slow Cooker Artichokes Recipe

  • 3 medium artichokes
  • 3 lemons (divided)
  • 1 ½ cups chicken broth
  • 1 cup white wine or cooking wine
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2/3 cup shaved or grated Parmesan cheese
  • ½ cup garlic croutons crushed into crumbs
  • 4 – 6 ounces Caesar salad dressing (I used Organic Caesar from Litehouse)
  1. Prepare artichokes by first washing under water and shaking dry. Next, cut off stems and remove small lower leaves with paring knife. With larger knife, cut ½” off the top of artichokes to remove the prickly spines. Use kitchen shears to snip off remaining spines on lower leaves. Cut one lemon in half and rub on exposed areas of artichoke to prevent oxidization.
  2. Pour broth, wine, garlic and bay leaf into bottom of 4 quart slow cooker. Place artichokes, bottom side down into slow cooker. Cut second lemon into slices and place a slice on top of each artichoke. Add remaining slices of that lemon to the broth mixture.  Put lid on slow cooker and cook on high for approximately 3 hours, or until softened and leaves pull off easily.
  3. Transfer artichokes from liquid to serving platter. While still hot, gently squeeze to pull apart leaves and stuff with bits of Parmesan cheese and crouton crumbs. Sprinkle remaining cheese and crumbs on tops of artichokes. Drizzle artichokes with Caesar Dressing and serve with third lemon that has been cut up into wedges.

The rest of #MyAdventure focuses on the “art of yoga” or in my case — it’s often “the agony of yoga.” I used to be a very flexible person but that bendiness got left behind a long time ago. However, I’ve been trying to build a few minutes into each day to practice some yoga moves to reclaim my flexibility – I hope the focus on a greater range of mobility will keep me from getting injured in my running and workouts as I get older.  The fitness wear from Icebreaker was perfect for my little yoga session — check out the cool and comfortable Dart Shorts and Sprite Racerback Tank from Icebreaker. These items were ultra-light weight (150 gauge wool) and super soft — almost like wearing nothing!

icebreaker merino wool shorts and tank for yoga

If you haven’t tried working out in wool, you definitely should! Head over to Icebreaker, they are having a great end-of-the-season sale and have free shipping on orders over $99 and have a “love it or send it back” policy with free return shipping. I will definitely be trying out their cold weather gear come ski season – I am always the one that is too cold and I’m not going to let that happen this winter!

Icebreaker provided me with product in return for my review, but did not tell me what to say or how to say it – all opinions are my own!

Have you ever worked out in lightweight wool?

Do you have a favorite artichoke recipe, please share!

Monday Must-Haves | Running Stuff for Women + Compression Sock Giveaway

crossfit girls pull up

Hanging around with friends at the gym makes working out FUN!

Sometimes girls don’t want to be like the guys, especially when it comes to working out. Really, what female – no matter how ripped and rock solid — wants to come across as a hulked-out he-man during gym time, running or other workouts?  Really, guys are great, but women rule the land of working out – 57% of gym memberships are held by women and 60% of half marathon finishers are women!

hood to coast last leg sparkle

Wild colors and sparkle to keep me awake at the 36th and final leg of 2013 Hood to Coast relay.

Let’s celebrate this commitment to staying fit with sparkle skirts and glitter headbands, the pink nail polish and purple kettle bells, and the fun compression socks and other fashionable workout gear!   Here are some of my favorite women-focused fitness brands:

zooma texas

Zooma Race Series:  I love this race series that is targeted towards women and am honored to be an ambassador for the Texas race for the third time. Races, that include something for everyone (half-marathon, 10k and 5k) are held scenic getaway-inspired places all over the country like Nappa Valley, Florida, Cape Cod, Chicago and more. Please check out my recent guest post at ZoomaRun.com on the benefits of citrus for runners and a yummy citrus-beef recipe. The catchphrase for this female-focused race is “Run-Laugh-Celebrate” and that spirit is evident by the smiles, support and sparkles on the course. The Texas race will be held April 12th   at the gorgeous venue of  Lost Pines Hyatt Resort & Spa.  If you’re looking for wildflowers and wild times (and a really nice swag bag), it’s not too late to register for the Zooma Texas Half Marathon, 10k and 5k – and if you use my discount code TXAMB3 at checkout you can save 10% on your entry fee.


Koss FitClip

Koss FitClip

Koss Fit Buds: For a couple months now, I’ve been trying out the Koss Fit Clips sent for me to test in a FitFluential campaign and they are definitely my favorite pair of headphones, especially for running and working out.  And, natch, they are designed for women, by women – scaled down in size and awesome colors. I’ve always had problems with headphones, either they  don’t fit in my ears well, slide out because they get too sweaty or are just so poorly made that they break within weeks – happy to report none of these problems at all with the Koss Fit Buds. I don’t endorse just any product, I seriously do use and love both the Fit Buds and Fit Clips and wanted to share the news that (for a limited time), all models and colors are on sale at Walgreens for $19.99 (regularly $29.99)!

Altra TRE13 small

Altra Zero Drop Running Shoes:  I’m an ambassador for this company that makes awesome zero-drop running shoes for women. Well, they make ‘em for men, too – but that’s okay; this is one time I don’t want the guy runners to feel left out.  What I love about the many models of Altras I have worn over the last few years, is not just the fact they are zero-drop and have a nice roomy toe box that keeps my nails from turning black (and thus ruining many months of cute pedicures and sandal wearing), but that they are gender specific. By gender specific, I mean these running shoes for women aren’t just scaled down in size and prettied up in pink. Altra running shoes for us ladies are made to accommodate a narrower heel and midfoot, a longer arch, higher instep and toe positioning – this helps us run better and healthier! And, they’re cute. Win-win-win!

purple leopard bondi band compression socks

You could WIN these — whoohoo!

Bondi Band Compression Socks: I love compression socks for so many reasons. They keep my shorts-wearing yet always-cold legs a little warmer. I also really feel like knee-high compression socks really do help keep leg fatigue away longer during intense training and racing and make recovery a little quicker. This company has so many cute patterns which always makes “dressing up” a running outfit so much fun. I’m GIVING AWAY a pair of these awesome running compression socks so that you can accessorize your speedy running legs with a snug hug of style. These are also perfect for the gym or CrossFit – keep those gorgeous gams from getting ripped up on the rope climb!  Turquoise leopard-print, knee-high and in size medium –  enter the giveaway via Rafflecopter below!

2008_06 keep austin wierd

So, what is the craziest, most outrageous or girly thing you’ve ever worn in a race? Let me know in the comments. As you can see in the pic above, I once ran a 5k in a Cleopatra (“Queen of the Mile” – get it, ha ha) in the Keep Austin Weird 5k several years ago. The clanging of those beads drove me crazy and I could barely see out of the blue eyeshadow painted glasses, but it was so much fun!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Time for Socks Talk & Why Everyone’s Doing It + #Swiftwick #Giveaway

What do you think about compression socks? Personally, I love them and wear them for both racing and recovery.

Compression socks for the win at CASA Superhero 5k this weekend!

Compression socks for the win at CASA Superhero 5k this weekend!

So, what is the science that supports wearing compression socks? There are several theories that explain just how wearing these snug, knee-high socks may help an athlete extend endurance and reach peak performance. The main theory is that the graduated compression of these socks creates better circulation (eg: oxygen delivery) between the lower legs and heart. This improved venous capacity will, in turn, help a runner reach peak performance during a race and recover from muscle damage more quickly.  Another notion is that muscle fatigue can be reduced by providing a snug hug of stability that lessens the intensity of lower leg muscle and tendon vibrations that occur each time the foot strikes the ground.  And, there is also talk that wearing compression socks may also increase leg power by reducing lower leg fatigue, as just mentioned, and increasing proprioception. Proprioception is just a fancy word for explaining how your mind senses its arms, legs and other body parts during movement and sends out messages to make (hopefully) helpful adjustments for future movements.

So, is there any truth to these claims about compression socks? I’m certainly not a scientist and there always seems to be some study or another that rebukes what another one just said. But, that being said, what I lack in science skills, I more than make up for in social studies and, from what I’ve observed, plenty of runners have found some benefit from compression socks. Just go to the start line of a race and take a look around; compression socks are being sported in prolific abundance on the legs of Olympic elite types to the back-of-the-packers.  Personally, I’ve found that when I have to do my speed work on the treadmill (which is more often than I’d like), I notice a huge difference in the way I feel the next day if I am not wearing compression socks. Without, my legs feel completely trashed and it takes an extra day to recover.  The correlation is significant enough that I don’t like to take any chances, that’s  why I wear compression socks during races as well. The only negative experience I’ve had  was during a 50 mile race. Although I had plenty of room in the toe box of my shoes to accommodate swelling feet, the compression socks didn’t want to “give” enough.  Repeatedly, I would stop, take of my shoes and pull the sock forward – in the end I lost several toe nails. However, this has not ever been the case wearing compression socks in a marathon.  Actually, the toe nail fiasco was partially my fault, since I didn’t test out any of my gear ahead of time for that distance. You see, that’s because I ran the 50 mile race on a complete whim, deciding while on course to finish the race after pacing a friend through the first half (you can read about that craziness here).

Here are some other reasons I like compression socks:

Mental edge:  Whether the science behind them is valid or not, compression socks have become a must-have part of my race-ready routine. Just like my lucky ladybug earrings, I feel much more in control and ready to conquer when I am wearing a pair of compression socks.

Warmth: I get cold easily, yet refuse to race in running tights or capris. Knee-high compression socks give me a little extra layer of warmth at the starting line.

Fashion: Sorry if I lose the guys here, but compression socks are so much cuter than they used to be. Forget about orthopedic white ones, they are boring and get dirty too fast. I’m all for bright colors, stripes and sporty designs on my compression socks.

Protection: I have been known to throw down some epic falls while running, and not just on the trail where you might expect it. Compression sock coverage means fewer square inches of my body will get road burned the next time I wipe out. Plus, when CrossFitting, I’m ready to dead lift or rope clip at a second’s notice. Yeah, that’s me doing CrossFit Games Open WOD 13.2 in a pair of white Swiftwicks!

While running Hood to Coast Relay this year and last, the official sock sponsor for our team was Swiftwick. This brand has a full line of sock options to meet a runner’s compression, thermal and wicking needs. Aside from the obvious performance of this company’s socks, there are a couple of other things I love about this brand – it’s completely made in the USA and the prices are really reasonable (only about $25 for knee-high compression socks – that’s a deal!).

Some teammates sporting their cute pink-striped "twelves" compression socks by Swiftwick. Not wearing mine yet because my first leg wasn't for 12 more hours!

Some teammates sporting their cute pink-striped “twelves” compression socks by Swiftwick. Not wearing mine yet because my first leg wasn’t for 12 more hours!

Not all of Swiftwick’s compression socks are knee-highs, in fact most come in traditional lengths. But they are ALL compression socks in the fact that these socks are designed to compress at the foot and move blood flow upward. Another perk, if you have high arches (like me) is that the snug fit provides excellent support right where you need it most.

swiftwick socks

I’m excited to share the Swiftwick love by giving away a $25 Swiftwick gift card code so that one of you lucky runners can try out a pair (or two) and discover all the benefits for yourself.  Just follow the easy entry options below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Favorite Gear #Giveaway – Fitness Skort, Run Shirt & Fuel Belt

SAMSUNGMy running swag runneth over and I would like to share some of it with you! There’s nothing like slaying a workout wearing a new piece of fabulous fitness clothing, that’s true for me anyway. I always seem to feel stronger, faster and more motivated when I have a fun, functional and good-fitting outfit on – this may explain why I can’t close the drawers on my dresser!  I’m giving away a few piece of great fitness gear that were given to me, but I just can’t wear for one reason or another. I would LOVE for you to LOVE one of these brands as much as I do. Everything is new, with tags, etc. and so on. Enter for one piece or all of them, just know that I only have the sizes shown (Smalls and a one-size-fits-most) and it is shipping directly from me, so there’s no negotiating on the size. Really sorry that I don’t have a more diverse selection, but it is what it is.  Oh, and by the way, all three pieces look cute together – so if you’re a size Small or have a friend who is, enter for everything! Just add some running shoes, and you’re ready to rock the next race in style!

yellowman ymx tribal running skirt

First up for grabs is a Green Tribal-print Athletic Skort from YMX by Yellowman. I really love this skirt. First, the bold, unique print is sure to get you loads of compliments and, secondly, it’s marvelously flattering and modest enough to wear when you have a workout followed by errands. No one wants to see me in the grocery store reaching for cereal off the bottom shelf wearing my super-tiny running shorts. Here I am rockin’ my YMX skort:


Here’s the description for the skort from YMX by Yellowman:

“This green tribal-print athletic skort combines the appearance of a skirt with an attached short lining. Features gusset to promote full motion, and a 1 1/4 comfort waistband. Perfect for running, hiking, walking, fitness and workout.”

Please note, I only have size Small – which I would guess, from the looks of it, fits a size 6 – 8.  For a point of reference, I have this skirt in a XS which seems to fit a 2-4. Whoever wins this can be twinsies with me!

mizuno inspire tee light grey

Second up for grabs is a women’s Inspire Tee in grey by Mizuno Running. Features Mizuno DryLite™ moisture management technology to keep your body dry so that you can enjoy running in comfort and style.  Other features include anti-abrasion labeling (also good thing in sweaty weather) and and V-neck.  This photo makes it look like a tight compression shirt; however, it’s not — although it does have a shaped, figure-flattering cut (not super loose and boxy).

Please note, I only have size Small in this shirt.  I have several running shirts in this exact style and size and I feel like it runs a little small to size. But, then again I have medium-ish shoulders.

fuel belt

Third for the taking is a Fuel Belt brand Super-stretch Waist Pack in black.  I don’t see a size on the package, pretty sure it is one-size-fits-most. Package says “lightweight, fully-adjustable stretch mesh pocket.”  The zippered pocket looks plenty big to carry along snacks, gels, salt pills or whatever else you need on a run.

If you’d like to enter, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter app below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Say Goodbye to ‘Rank Stank’ with ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes- A Giveaway!

Athletic wipes that prevent eliminate germs, keep you fresh on the go.

A portable way to stay fresh and kill harmful germs on skin.

Hello, this is the mother in me speaking – I’m concerned about your personal hygiene. Whether you feel sticky, stinky or are worried about dangerous bacteria lurking in public places, ShowerPill is the perfect product for you. ShowerPill isn’t a “pill” at all, but instead an athletic body wipe designed to keep you fresh and clean while on-the go. These good-sized, thick 9×8 inch premium moistened antibacterial body wipes have the versatility to kill germs found on the dirtiest, smelliest wrestler yet are gentle enough for us more delicate ladies. The alcohol-free, moisturizing formula is proven to kill more than 99.99% of germs – the nasty Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) or Escherichia Coli (E Coli) don’t stand a chance.

It was hot and humid today in Austin, so I decided that a ShowerPill post-race wipe down was in order after my morning 5k – we had to leave to go straight to a lunch event. I was impressed with how soft and thick the wipe was (way more plush than a baby wipe) and it left me feeling clean without any overly-perfumed or sticky residue.  Now, I am in no way advocating the use of ShowerPill athletic wipes as a long-term solution to showering (but oh how my 9 year-old son would love that), but it does offer a quick, convenient fix for the ripe runner, sweaty cyclist or grossed-out gym goer.  You could also use these toss-away towels to freshen up after a long plane ride or a day at the beach.

Each box of ShowerPill has 10 individually-wrapped wipes that can be proactively stashed in a purse, gym bag, suitcase, desk drawer or wherever! For you lucky, lucky readers I am offering two times the ShowerPill fun — a giveaway with two winners and a special discount code that can be used for 10 % off your entire purchase of ShowerPill via Amazon.com (click through below and enter claim code RUNNERS2  — offer valid until May, 17, 2012 )


Two winners will receive one 10-pack box each of ShowerPill Athletic Body Wipes (ARV $12.50 each)

Entry Period: May 5, 2012 through May 20, 2012

Entry Methods (6 different ways): 

  1. Like ShowerPill on Facebook and post separately in ‘leave reply’ below that you ‘liked’.  (1x entry)
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