10 Tips to Stop Exercise Acne from Winning #GoBackHealthy

This post is sponsored by MinuteClinic but all opinions and enthusiasm are my own.

Keeping a clean face pre and post workout is the best way to stay breakout free.

Keeping a clean face pre and post workout is the best way to stay breakout free.

Are your runs, workouts and other sweat sessions making you break out? Do you have a pre-teen or teenager who plays sports and struggles with acne?  If so, then I have some great tips to help you put a halt to (or at least lessen) those pesky and often confidence-shaking pimples.

Follow these 10 Tips for the Athlete – How to Stop Acne from Winning and, in no time, get your best game face on!

10 Tips for the Athlete - How to Stop Exercise Acne from Wnning

1) Keep Clean: Start every workout with a clean face and remove make-up if normally worn. Sweating while wearing “long-lasting” make-ups, heavy foundations and other similar products clogs and obstructs pores, trapping in dirt and preventing sweat from breaking out.

2) Sun Savvy:  If you are on an acne medication that requires limited or no sun exposure, follow the directions. If you are able to exercise outdoors, wear a non-comedogenic moisturizer that contains SPF or a sunscreen labeled “oil-free” and designed specifically for the face.

3) Tame Hair: Either keep hair cut short or pull back with a hair band so that it doesn’t sweep across the face. Oils from your hair, along with the various clogging chemicals in hair products, can trigger acne flare ups.

4) Ditch Hats: If acne on the forehead is a problem, avoid wearing a hat or visor which will continuously rub the skin and aggravate or create acne.

5) Hands Down: Avoid touching your face while exercising. Everything hands come in contact with (from barbells to the football) is dirty and ripe with bacteria that can be transferred to your face.

6) Sweat Towel Softly: Using a small towel to wipe away sweat during a workout or breaks in a sporting event makes sense.  However, rubbing aggressively can cause inflammation and can exacerbate pimples, so gently pat or blot away sweat instead.

7) Loose Clothes: If you are experiencing body breakouts (like on your back, chest and/or arms) make sure you are not wearing too-tight clothing – choose a looser cut that is designed to whisk away sweat and dry quickly.

8) Finish and Freshen Up: Within a few minutes of cooling down, get face as clean as possible while on site. Either spritz and blot with fresh water or gently wipe with non-comedogenic disposable cleansing cloth kept stashed in your sports bag.

9) End Clean: When back to the locker room or home, get out of sweaty clothes and take a shower to remove any remaining impurities, dead skin cells and excess oil from the day.

10) Treat as Needed: Apply over-the-counter acne products or medically prescribed treatments as directed. Even OTC products contain strong ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and lactic acid. While these ingredients can curb bacteria and improve acne, they also dry skin – so use sparingly, increasing a little a time, until you have figured out the balance best for your skin.

If you’ve followed these steps and acne is still getting out of control or you would like to stay ahead with preventative measures, it’s a smart idea to schedule a medical appointment for a personalized consultation and treatment recommendation with your physician (for yourself) or pediatrician (for your child).However, it’s always a hassle to get in at a doctor’s office this time of year when everyone is flooding the phone line with last minute requests for immunizations, well checks, and sports physicals. My go-to solution for all these non-emergency type medical situations is to swing by MinuteClinic®, conveniently located inside neighborhood CVS.  

Minute Clinic lobbyMinuteClinic® can diagnose and treat acne and the nurse practitioner on-site can provide prescriptions deemed medically necessary to heal your acne or help you select the appropriate over-the-counter treatment. Please note that MinuteClinic® does not evaluate patients currently taking Accutane and cannot provide prescriptions for Accutane. Additionally, patients with abscesses, unusual swelling, or severe cases of cystic acne may be directed to another health care provider.

With my three fresh-faced teen boys who I taught to take care of their skin!

With my three fresh-faced teen boys who I taught to take care of their skin!

In addition to the friendly help from a medical professional located near to home, love the fact that no appointment is necessary at MinuteClinic®–I walk right in at your convenience! I’ve never experienced any sort of unusual wait and most often I’m seen immediately. They have also been a lifesaver at last-minute sports pre-participation physicals or getting the kids caught up on their immunizations. I also really appreciate how they are open 7 days per week, including evenings, and accept most insurances (please double check with yours before going).

 Are you and your kids ready to start the new school year and #GoBackHealthy ? What sports do they play . . or do you play? Please share in the comments below – XOXO, Jennifer

Eight Amazing Fitness & Food Products + Giveaway

As a food and fitness blogger, it’s fun (and sometimes filling!) to test out all the new products that get sent my way.  I’m sharing the best from the last couple months (and some perennial favorites) along with any discount codes I might have. If I’ve listed it here, it gets legitimate thumbs up from me – other stuff gets tossed into the “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all pile.”

Jennifer Fisher of The Fit Fork with Litehouse FoodsLitehouse Foods Organic Vinaigrette– I develop recipes for this awesome employee-owned company based in Idaho – they have delicious, healthy products ranging from artisan cheeses to Greek yogurt based dips and freeze dried herbs sold all over the US. Right now, I’m really digging their updated organic line which includes new flavors like two of my favorites — Organic Rosemary Balsamic and Organic Ginger Honey. Look for these in the refrigerated section of your produce department, purchase online or enter to win my GIVEAWAY for Five Free Litehouse Foods product coupons (use them on anything they make, not just the dressings – enter at bottom of post).

Salad with Somersaults Sunflower Crackers as croutonsSomersaults Sunflower Snacks – Available in sweet and savory flavors, these yummy little crackers are made mostly of sunflower seeds and offer up healthy fats, protein and vitamin E. My favorite way to use them is as a crouton alternative on my #BombAssSalads !! Use NEWFAN10 to get 10% off your order.



Nuttzo chocolate syrup and strawberries on my protein pancakesNuttzo Nut & Seed Butters –  My nutty shines through, Nuttzo has named me a VIP Ambassador for their organic and non-GMO Nut & Seed Butters. This stuff is so good, you’ll want to spread it on everything – or just eat right out of the jar. Save 20% on purchase with discount code FITFORK-20



bright planet skinBright Planet – There is so much to love about this small, woman-owned bath and skin product company – not only are there eco-friendly, human and organic products wonderfully pampering (loved the scent), but they also are mindful of their place in the bigger world. For example, for each purchase made, Bright Planed donates two healthy meals to children in need. Get Bright Planet on Amazon


Kevin - CEO of Nuun and Jennifer Fisher of TheFitFork.comNuun Hydration Tablets – This is not your standard Nuun Ambassador shoutout – I’ve been on the team for years, and am so happy to report that just recently the formula has been improved!  They’ve added non-GMO sourced dextrose to help body absorb fluids more efficiently (still keeping under 1g sugar), using only clean ingredients such as plant-based sweeteners, and are gluten, dairy and soy free and given a “Clean Sport Certification” by Informed Choice. Use code NUUNAMBASSADORFRIEND at checkout to receive 20% off order.

Vitamin Dose BeverageVitamin Dose Beverage – I don’t know about you, but I hate swallowing pills. That’s why I was all over these little specially blended cans of drinkable vitamins. They are non-carbonated, caffeine-free, low-calorie and taste good too.  Get your Vitamin Dose on Amazon


Gnarly NutritionAltra superior 2TsaGnarly Nutrition – I am a protein powder nerd, I love trying all the new ones I find. Totally into the “Chiseled Chocolate” Grass Fed Whey Protein Supplement. It’s made with quality New Zealand Whey (happy cows there, I guess) and offers 12.5 g protein along with BCAAs, Glutamine and no artificial anything. Also, other full-on sports nutrition products including some vegan stuff.  Get Gnarly on Amazon

Superior 2 from Altra Running – Okay, disclosure, I’m an Ambassador and admitted junkie of their super light and flash-fast The Ones 2.5 (and all previous versions!). So, it took the color golden yellow and the promise of “more grip and less weight” to get me to try the award-winning trail shoe that everyone’s raves on. I was looking for something that was still light on the feet, take me from trail running to gym and me obstacle course appropriate – score!  Get Altra Superior 2 on Amazon


Tsamma Juice TheFitFork.comTsamma Juice — Tsamma Juice from Frey Farms makes me swoon plus, it’s another woman-owned biz. Everyone knows what a huge watermelon fan I am (for both healthy recipes and sports performance benefits). It’s so awesome to have access to sweet, yummy handcrafted watermelon juice during the middle of winter – look for it at your grocery store in the produce section, Costco or buy online.

Have you tried any of these health and fitness products? What are you favorite new finds? Please share in comments! XOXO – Jennifer

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Purifying Skin Solution for Run, Yoga and Workout +Giveaway #DermaeDetox16

This post and giveaway are sponsored by Fitfluential on behalf of derma e, however all opinions and enthusiasm are my own!  

Greasy, sweaty and covered in city grime. Eek, that sure sounds yucky as I type it out, but that’s pretty much describes the condition of my skin on a daily basis. Well, that is, until I started using the Purify line from derma e.  One of my favorites is the 2-in-Charcoal Mask – more on that below!

jennifer face mask

I knew I had to do something to freshen up my skin and stat. Many days (okay, most days), I live in my fitness clothes from dawn until dusk — sometimes it’s because I’m knocking out two-a-day workouts, and sometimes it’s just because I don’t know exactly when I’m running or hitting the gym — and I want to be dressed ready! Anyhow, I was getting breakouts from not being able to jump in the shower right after exercise.  Plus, my skin just looked dull and sallow from lack of attention, (ahem) middle age, pollution, and who knows what else. Obviously, had made a priority out of taking care of my body, but not so much my skin!

I couldn’t have discovered the products from derma e at a better time. I had booked for some fun jobs booked where I would be in the public eye in January and I hoped to put my best foot (and face) forward! The perfect time for a derma e New Year’s Detox!

dermae skincare

There are so many fabulous products in the Purify line – Gel Cleanser, Daily Detox Scrub, Toner Mist, Oil-Free Moisturizer, Youth Serum and 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask.  All are designed specifically for oily and active skin types and work to draw out toxins, replenish vital nutrients and help skin resist oxidative stress. Two thumbs up to the “Green Chemistry” what combines the best of modern science with eco-friendly, sustainable and plant-focused ingredients to create natural, planet-friendly products that really work! And, of course, the company is cruelty-free when it comes to testing their products.

dermae skin care purifying mask

One of my favorite products is the Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask – it makes me feel like I’m getting a special spa treatment! The dual-action formula purges pores of deeply rooted toxins and yucky stuff and exfoliates everything away until I’m glowing! Look for new derma e Purifying products at your local health food store as well as Whole Foods Markets (on sale at Whole Foods through end of January).

Don’t just take my word for it! Enter for a chance to win a derma e New Year’s Detox Kit! The lucky winner will win the entire @derma-e Purifying line (including the amazing 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask pictured above). It’s a $150+ value!

Follow these steps to enter:

 One winner will be chosen on Jan. 31, 2015.  Contest is open to USA and must be 18 years or older to enter. Enter as many times as you like but spam and giveaway accounts will be disqualified. Thank you to @derma_e for sponsoring this great giveaway — I have personally been delighted with the detox!