TRX Suspension Training, Some Favorite Ab & Upper Body Exercises (Video)

Sure had some fun in the gym today with suspension exercises and I want to show you some of my favorites. Even if you think you have a strong core and decent upper body strength, these babies are going to have you screaming “uncle.” And, yes I am talking about myself; I’m always sore the day after doing this routine. Who knew these innocent-looking, dangling straps could be so vicious? But, the core and upper-body strengthening result is great!

This concept of exercise comes from the Navy SEALs; we all know what tough dudes they are! Suspension training uses your body weight (and gravity) to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. One of the popular brands out there is the TRX Training; it’s what I have at my gym. Check out the video and then read on below to get the details on all these TRX tricks.

TRX Handstand Push-up

Stand with your back to the TRX straps that have been adjusted with the grips at around waist height. While standing, bend leg and slip foot through grip loop; bend forward at waist and balance with arms straight and hands on the ground. Next, lift unrestrained leg and slip it through the other loop (or you can keep it free if you feel confident). Now, with body weight on your shoulders and arms, walk hands backward until you ideally have feet and core straight over arms. Keeping core engaged, press downward and then up into a handstand push-up. For security, you can add a cushion under your head.

TRX Pike Crunch

Adjust straps so that they are hanging about a 12” to 18” above the floor. With feet in the straps, get in the push-up position with abs lower back flat, and hands straight under shoulders. Engaging abs, pull your body upward thinking of bringing your feet toward your armpits, without bending your knees. Aim to get your core and rear aligned over your shoulders. With full control, lower body to starting position and repeat. Great for lower and upper abs.

TRX Pendulum Crunch (with knee tuck)

Place feet in the TRX straps (12” to 18” off ground) and assume the push-up position. With knees extended, back flat and torso erect, swing legs to one side while rotating from the hip. Halfway through swing, tuck knees as you move towards your shoulder. Keeping control, un-tuck as you move to the start position and repeat on the other side. This move is great for abs, especially obliques, and hip flexors.

Thanks to EC3D Sports for the cute compression outfit.