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Rounding up my posts about all all the creative and unique ways I incorporate WATERMELON into a fit and healthy lifestyle! #LivingOnTheWedge!

Latest Watermelon Posts:

Watermelon Tomato Jicama Salad with Tajin Honey Dressing is a 10 minute fruit salad recipe that is perfect for summer gatherings from Memorial Day, 4th of July and other casual entertaining. It's hydrating, healthy and has just a slight "bite" with a dressing made from honey, lime juice and Tajin chile seasoning.

Watermelon Tomato Jicama Salad with Tajin Honey Dressing  — super tasty and lots of lycopene!







Thai-style Shrimp Watermelon Rind Ceviche is a quick and healthy appetizer or light meal and a clever way to use the whole watermelon. This easy no-cook Asian-inspired recipe is finished in 15 minutes or less.


Thai-style Shrimp & Watermelon Rind Ceviche – – a creative away to use the whole watermelon, rind, seeds and all!






Jennifer Fisher thefitfork.com watermelon dress

Oh, and I did this and it was picked up by Japanese television – bwahahah!








A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A WATERMELON ADDICT – Read the whole blog post here!

watermelon headstand jennifer fisher thefitfork.comTheFitFork.com LivingOnTheWedge Summer text

Watermelon Pool Workout #LivingOnTheWedge - TheFitFork.com
Don’t miss this fun pool workout where you use watermelons as resistance weight in the water! BTW, did you know watermelons float?!  There’s a not-to-be missed VIDEO too!






Summer Squat Challenge -- Do 100 squats per day from this mix an match list!Watermelon Squat Challenge — drop it like a . . .errr, watermelon!




exercises with watermelon as the weight

Landlubbers and watermelon lovers can try out this Watermelon WOD on dry land!







Why not workout with a Watermelon - this WOD will whip you and friend in shape and you have a healthy snack for afterward!Watermelon Partner Workout – CrossFit Style




eat watermelon after you workoutHow running helps with muscle recovery after running and working out!




Get Fit With WatermelonWays to Get Fit with Watermelon!




good watermelon picking tips



How to Pick out a Great Watermelon — every time!




Check out These Other Watermelon Posts: 

watermelon pinterest boardCheck out my “Living on the Wedge” Watermelon Board on Pinterestfollow filled full with watermelon recipes, facts, health benefits and all the wacky watermelon things that catch my eye. I’d love for you to follow the board and if you have recipes, tips or anything watermelon-related, please follow the instructions to join as a pinner to the group!



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