Why I Run & Running Day Giveaway ( Compression Socks )

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three women runners austin

It’s National Running Day today! Whether you plan to hit the trail or the treadmill, you can feel super awesome and inspired to know that you’ll be doing good things for your health – that’s why I celebrate running as often as I can!  As an adult, I’ve been running for more than 25 years and hope to be running at least that many or more years in the future! By the way, enter to win a free running day (everyone’s a winner, so just do it)! But, seriously, I do have a cute pair of compression socks to treat one of y’all to.

national running day

Healthy Reasons I Run:

  • Running makes me happy and wards off anxiety and depression.
  • Running keeps me at a fit weight, which has a host of other health benefits.
  • Running keeps my bones and heart strong, plus I get a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun.
  • Running will keep me looking younger than my age, or so scientists say! I hope it is true!
  • Running adds years to my life and life to my years.

national running day

2012_01 3m finish line

Running also challenges me to push my limits and, because I usually run alone, running has taught me to dig deep within myself to find that persevering motivation that usually serves me well at races.

But, running isn’t just all “eye of the tiger,” running can be meditative and calming – a great way for me to reduce stress. And, when I get to run with friends, running becomes social and silly and something to look forward to.



Here are a few running workouts that will have your feet flying today!

running workouts collage


womens runningLadies, if you love to keep up on the latest in running, check out this great subscription offer from Women’s Running magazine – if you subscribe or renew today, the rate is only $1 per issue.  I enjoy this monthly magazine, it features everything from running plans and recipe ideas to the latest in running fashion – plus lots more!





And, that’s not all! I also have a pair of Swiftwick Compression socks to give away, the Vision “Pink Stripe” Twelve. These knee-high compression socks are going to give your legs and feet a great big hug on that next long run — or wear them afterward for recovery. Just think of the fun tan lines you’ll get! Actually, I still wear compression socks in the summer; however, my runs are much earlier in the morning out of heat-beating necessity — so the tan line thing isn’t really a problem!  Find out more about why I love compression socks here and then enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter app below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

48 thoughts on “Why I Run & Running Day Giveaway ( Compression Socks )

  1. Pingback: Happy National Running Day!

  2. I’ll be celebrating with a run tomorrow but hoping the weather holds so it can be outside and not on the treadmill.

    • I almost didn’t make it through my running day run! Was planning 6, but when I got outside and felt the 90 degrees (I procrastinated) and then trashed legs from yesterday’s speed, I barely made it 4. But I was happy I did it!

  3. I’m absolutely doing sprints! Love the adrenaline rush and how quickly they go by!! Weekends are for my leisure runs which I really enjoy!!

    • You do what you can when you can. I didn’t run that much when my guys were babies . . .

  4. OMG I want one of those RUN ATX shirts!! I can’t wait to be there! There’s no way I can keep up with you but I’ll be right behind ya!

  5. I’m running 8 miles today and possibly treating myself to some Bondi Bands to try.

    • Whoo, eight miles . . . I went 4. And it seemed hard, but of course I waited until noon and 90 degrees

    • Whoohoo on signing up for a half! You should try compression socks out, I was skeptical at first . . . . but I think they help legs from fatiguing as fast in a race

    • What does rip mean — running in place? Sorry about your injury but good to hear you are on the mend

  6. Honestly, I didn’t know today was national running day until I read your post – I guess I’ll have to celebrate by running an extra mile tonight.

  7. Been in a major funk for a week, but managed a 60 minute run followed by 4x800s, then a 45 min cool down. 🙂 Hopefully I’m out of my funk now!

  8. I finally got myself back to the track for a speed workout – I can’t say it was all that speedy, but you’ve got to start somewhere!

  9. I ran 1 mile warmup, then 3 miles tempo, then 1 mile cool down…in 100 degree weather. lol Hopefully I get used to this as I live in the desert longer!

    • It was 90 here and hideous humid when I ran, don’t think I could have held a tempo pace. Great job1

  10. I ran Week 7 Day 2 of Couch to 5k on National Running Day. Have a 5k tomorrow 😀

  11. I run to outpace my family history of diabetes. For National Running Day, I ran!!

  12. I run to relieve stress, at first it was hard, and I walked more than ran, but it gets easier and easier, not I look forward to my running times. I didn’t know it was running day on June 4, but I did in fact run on that day.

    • There is definitely a hump to get over when new to running, but I am glad you are in the groove!

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