Appetizers: 10 Easy and Elegant Ways To Top Crackers

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Make a a quick and healthy appetizer platter with these 10 Easy and Elegant Ways to Top Crackers.May and June are party season at our house, maybe even more so that the winter holiday months! With my son’s graduation party and a Father’s Day cookout book-ending a couple family birthday celebrations, book club, and a baby shower, I need lots of easy but elegant entertaining ideas! Plus, you know me – I always want to put a healthy spin on all my appetizer recipe creations.

Finn Crisp Crackers are baked with whole grains and fiber, making them a nutritious foundation for all sorts of toppings.

Nothing more beautiful and brimming with good taste and nutrition than topping FINN CRISP crackers with healthy toppings like low-fat cheeses, fresh fruits and veggies and nuts. I used these delicious thin crispbreads, which are baked with whole grains and fiber, as the foundation for ten different flavor combinations. Choose a sweet topper, a savor topper or a sweet-savory topper – there is a well-dressed cracker for everyone at your party.     

Top Row (left to right)

  • Aged White Cheddar Cheese, Sliced Dried Apricots, Balsamic Syrup
  • Peanut Butter mixed with Soy Sauce and Sriracha, Matchstick Carrots, Minced Red Onion, Shredded Chicken
  • Low-fat Cream Cheese, Halved Blackberries, Fresh Mint
  • Avocado Slice, Garlic Salt, Pickled Jalapenos, Sriracha Sauce
  • Low-Fat Herb Cheese Spread, Marinara Sauce, Roasted Garlic Cloves

Top Row (left to right)

  • Low Fat Cream Cheese, Red Onions Pickled in Beet Juice, Pistachios
  • Mozzarella, Pepperonis, Italian Herb Seasoning
  • Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chips, Granola, Sea Salt
  • Low-Fat Cream Cheese, Pesto Sauce, Sliced Grape Tomatoes
  • Lemon Curd, Blueberries, Mint

These Next Level Cracker Toppings are an easy yet elegant appetizer for a party, celebration or just snacking!The fruit-topped crackers where some of my favorite, but every appetizer was good and not a single one left!

Easy Appetizer -- Crackers with spread and fruit toppings.

Cream Cheese, Blackberries and Mint on Whole Grain Crispbread Blueberry Lemon Curd Crostini

FINN CRISP provided me products to create these recipes, however all content and opinions are my own.

What are your great ideas for creative cracker toppings?

12 thoughts on “Appetizers: 10 Easy and Elegant Ways To Top Crackers

    • Thanks Lisa, it was fun making them . . . . it challenged my brain in a good way to look at what I had in the fridge and come up with 10 combos!

    • It was fun making these, I just looked in my fridge and tried to be creative! definitely broke out of a snacking run!

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