Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving Feasts + Health Benefits

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Check out What's Thanksgiving Without Cranberries?!

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Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without cranberries on the table and I’m happy to be sharing a collection of cranberry recipes I put together for – you’ll find healthy cranberry recipes for Thanksgiving and the remainder of the holiday season.

12 Healthy Cranberry Recipes for the Holidays -

If you’ve wondered why we mainly eat cranberries in the fall, it’s because they are in season October, November and December – the primary holiday meal making months! However, this sweet-tart berry has so many health benefits that I like to eat them year round.  Many of these health benefits are attributed to the phytochemicals known as proanthocyandidins found in cranberries – this compound in cranberries inhibit bacteria from adhering and multiplying in the body – that’s why drinking cranberry juice is a natural remedy for urinary tract infections. Cranberries may lower incidence of cancer; studies show polyphenolic extracts from cranberries diminish the growth of prostate, lung and esophageal tumor cells – cranberries have the highest level of this powerful antioxidant than 20 fruits and vegetables tested. As an athlete, cranberries are also a great source of natural carbohydrates to fuel workouts. Health Benefits of Cranberries -

So, how can you enjoy cranberries year round when the store shelves are cleared out at the New Year? You can freeze fresh cranberries to use later in sauce, relish and other recipes. If you’re in a hurry, simply place original packing inside a heavy duty freezer bag and freeze for up to one year. If you have more time, I’d suggest rinsing and drying the cranberries and then freezing in a single layer on a baking sheet before placing in an airtight container. This allows you to grab a handful at a time without the berries being clumped together.

Do you have a favorite cranberry recipe? Please share!

17 thoughts on “Cranberry Recipes for Thanksgiving Feasts + Health Benefits

  1. I adore cranberries and would eat them year round if I could. I generally freeze a bag and make some sauce after the holidays. This is a fabulous collection– pinning for later, or next week I should say–gah! better make my sopping list.

  2. All these recipes sound fabulous. Unfortunately cranberries are extremely expensive where I live. Which is actually the main reason I never buy them. It’s rather sad considering how delicious they are 🙁

    • I can’t believe they are expensive? 1.99 a one lb. bag here — just picked up a couple bags on sale for .99 cents, wish I could send you some

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