Cute Run and Fitness Accessories #Giveaway + Sit-Up Handstand Exercise

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Runner Girl Accessories Giveaway - TheFitFork.comThe holidays are a month behind us now and I’m getting a little nostalgic for giving gifts!  That’s why I’ve put together a collection of fitness-inspired accessories that any girl would enjoy for her run or workout. Several of these companies I met at The Running Event trade show in Austin this past December and they were kind enough to give me products to sample and then extra to give away to one of you!  There are five fun little treats in this giveaway (entry at bottom of post):

Vim and vigr logo Vim & Vigr Compression Socks I didn’t know about this company that makes stylish and effective compression socks until just a couple months ago. So happy to have found them! Vim & Vigr socks are cute and perfect to wear during a run or workout as well as to keep your legs alive if you’re stuck all day travelling or behind a desk. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I count on compression socks for performance and muscle recovery – they help to increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue – especially after a hard work out (oh, and I have a fun exercise for you to add to your workouts at the bottom of this post).  Vim & Vigr is my new favorite with so many fun styles for women and men, including the Women’s Navy & Cobalt (size M) that I am giving away.

vim vigr socks

Great for the gym or CrossFit, too!

momentum designs that move youMomentum Designs That Move You – I love how this 20+ year old jewelry company was inspired to create their Momentum fitness line – while looking at a bare wrist during an extremely long and torturous plank. Words of motivation were needed (I can relate) and the Motivate Wrap was born.

live joyfully bracelet I’m giving away the “Live Joyfully” rectangle motivate wrap, but there are lots of other inspiring choices as well as other products including Foot Notes (inspirational jewelry for your exercise shoes), suede cuffs, necklaces and more.

bondi band logo




Bondi Band Headband this company makes a lot of fun and functional fitness accessories and I am a fan of the moisture-wicking headbands.  Why do I like them, lots of reasons!  First, these fitness headbands keep sweat from dripping down into my eyes and the thin fabric dries quickly. Second, they are wide enough to keep all the bangs, fringes and wild hairs I have from falling into my face while working out (being tickled by my own hair during times of exercise stress is one of my biggest pet peeves). Third, the come in nearly every color and fun phrase combination and you can even place custom orders.

Motivational Magnet – This “I’ll be Thelma, You be Louise’ vintage-inspired magnet makes me laugh. I thought it would be a fun little accessory to stick on your fridge or front to remind you to hit the road and make a run for it. Also, did you know that there is actually a Thelma & Louise Half Marathon? It’s June 5th in Moab, Utah . . . . I may have to do this one!

Swankies Heart Tissues – You never know when you’ll need to blow your know and please don’t do it on the sleeve of your running jacket.  This small little pack of tissues easily fits in a pocket so you can wipe up (anything) on a long run – I pick hearts because I “heart” running and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Looking for a way to mix up your workout — try these “Stand Up” Sit Up to Hand Stands I’m demo-ing with my friend Valerie.

“Stand Up” Sit Up to Hand Stand –  This has been a favorite exercise of mine now for quite a while, it’s just fun once you get the hang of it. It’s a moderately advanced compound move that uses core power and explosive strength for the stand-up sit-up and shoulders, core and balance for the handstand. A huge test of fitness is if you can get out of a seated position without using your arms to push off the floor, and this exercise works best with the momentum of rolling backward into the sit up– but it may take a while to get there.  Watch the video, if you are having trouble, break the exercise down into 2 parts – 1) lay on back with feet about two feet from a wall. Roll back and then sit up explosively into standing position in one fluid motion. If this is too hard, sit up and use hands as needed to push off the floor. 2) From standing position, kick or straddle jump into handstand position. Hold for 1 to 2 seconds and then kick down, sitting down immediately to begin another sit up. Try for 3 sets of 10 reps, but stop if you start feeling dizzy.
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45 thoughts on “Cute Run and Fitness Accessories #Giveaway + Sit-Up Handstand Exercise

  1. I have USA pro compression socks that are red/white and blue and they are fun to wear sometimes! Everyone always loves them when I do

  2. My favorite fun accessory would probably be my compression sleeves. My family likes to joke that you can see me from space when I wear them,lol.

  3. Fun fitness accessory – anything orange! Happy tangerine orange makes me smile! I have orange compression socks, orange gloves, orange visors, orange tops. Ok, I don’t wear them all at once. A little orange goes a long way!

    • pam — I love orange too and just happen to even be wearing bright orange running short as I type this! 🙂

  4. I’m loving wearing a spibelt, and for personality points, orange compression socks. Bright colors are a must. Definitely need to branch out in the “fun”-cessories area.

  5. I follow you on Instagram and recently checked out your blog! Love reading it. You have so much information.

  6. For the longest time I never wore one of those headbands when working out cause I thought it would just be annoying – ha! NOT SO! If anything it makes working out LESS annoying because I don’t have to wipe sweat from my face every two seconds and it controls the tickling fly – aways that drive me to drink….. LOL! Okay, I wouldn’t go THAT FAR – but CLOSE!

    • Seriously, I CAN’T stand feeling hairs that have escaped my ponytail hitting my face — especially when running so hard I already feel like i might die — it’s just too much to deal with!

  7. My favorite fun fitness accessory is a headband – I have tons of fun designs to keep my hair out of my face.

  8. Favorite accessory, for sure, is any stretchy headband! A fun and inexpensive way to add some color for my run!

  9. I’m a crossfitter/runner and just found your blog..great workout tips! Loving the compression socks too 🙂

  10. My fun fitness accessory is a cute colorful top with shorts. Or when I’m working out at home I love really cute sports bras!

  11. My favorite fun accessory is my handmade headband my daughter made for me. I have never wore one before but the one she made for me was just so much fun. She made one which has a woman running and then a rock. She said that now I can run and with no hair in my eyes I won’t fall over a rock which I once did.

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