Guaranteed-to-be-Sore Core Workout


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Picked up this core workout from a CrossFit Gymnastics seminar I took a few weeks ago. Apparently all the elite, Olympian-type gymnasts do it everyday as a warm-up and cool-down to their hours and hours of grueling in the gym.So, I decided If these little pig-tailed girls can do it a couple times a day to bookend much harder and more difficult workouts, surely I can do the simple core workout just once, every other day, as a stand-alone event! Somehow though, it doesn’t seem so simple about 30 hollow rocks into the routine. So break it down in chunks if you need to.

So, who’s in? No flipping or flopping on the commitment; you have to agree to do the workout at least three times per week. Come on, it’s only going to take about 10  to 20 minutes depending on how long you have to rest.  Here’s the plan:

100 Hollow Rocks: Remember, lower back should be touching the ground. Keep legs straight and tight together with toes pointed. Arms extended straight and glued to your ears. Slowly rock back and forth without allowing the shape to break at any point.

50 Belly Rocks: Lay face-down on the ground. Extend arms straight and keep glued to your ears. Pull chest and lower legs off the floor, keep core tight. Slowly rock back and forth without allowing the shape to break at any point.

50 V-Ups: Lie on ground and start in hollow body position. With legs straight and together, bring them up and towards your torso. While raising your legs, reach for the toes with your hands. Finish in a pike position with your hands and feet meeting at hip level, then return to hollow body position.

50 Side Crunches:  Lie on side, claps hands behind neck. Slightly bend knees and keep legs together. Pull torso and lower legs up at the same time, as if they were reaching toward one another. Lower back down to the ground. Repeat on other side after 50 crunches.

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