Pre Workout Stretches to Lessen Hand Pain + Curamin® to #StopPainNow

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Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. All opinions are mine alone. #StopPainNow #CollectiveBias

As a growing-older yet still goal-oriented athlete, I decided it was about time to give the finger to my chronic hand pain. Stiff hands and sore thumb joint was making it increasingly difficult to enjoy and compete in the sports I love, like obstacle course racing and Crossfit. Even yoga, which had once been a source of relaxation had become stressful as I could no longer splay my hands out flat on the ground without significant discomfort.curamin stop pain now

But, thankfully, I found Curamin® Stop Pain Now, a safe, effective, non-addictive herbal formula that has gotten me back in the literal and figurative game. Read on to learn more about how this #1 selling brand can be your first line of defense against chronic pain. Also, check out my Pre-Workout Hand Stretches to Lessen Pain for even more relief.

jen crow on paralettes black & whiteThis chronic hand pain, which came on about two years ago, has made it hard to do yoga poses like Crow or Handstands where the hands have to be flat on the ground. In CrossFit, planks, burpees and push-ups give me the hurts and often I can be spotted doing many of these things on my knuckles or on parallettes where I can keep my fingers curled up! Ironically, all swinging from bars and rings and holding things in a fist don’t hurt, but I do know that my grip strength has been weakened – and that’s nearly a fate as bad as death in an obstacle course race. You may be thinking, Jennifer is crazy, I don’t do these things. Well, my hands hurt in normal day-to-day activities from typing (no it’s not Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) and opening jars to working buttons and fastening jewelry. But, after taking Curamin® for several weeks, I’ve noticed a serious improvement in the way my hands feel – they feel less achy and inflamed and more dexterous.

curamin stop pain now

Yay, I’m opening both palms wide!

curamin stop pain nowThat, and I’ve also been doing some hand warm-ups before I hit the gym. It makes sense to warm up a group of muscles, ligaments and joints that are about to be called into action – I warm up and ease into running and before lifting weights.  Try my Pre-Workout Hand Stretches to Lessen Pain as both a preventative method to avoid hand issues and as a reactive way to address the pain you already have. Do each move about 15 times on each hand, repeating the sequence a second time, if needed.

Pre-Workout Hand Stretches can help to lessen chronic pain -- I do these before hitting the gym or doing my day-to-day tasks that require fine motor skills (along with taking  Curamin® Extra Strength  #ad

If your pain is serious and/or you have additional symptoms, I encourage you to seek the consult of a medical professional. However, for day-to-day chronic pain, Curamin® has been a safe, non-addictive and convenient solution for me. It doesn’t just mask pain, it’ gets to the source and stops it. The clinically studied ingredients in the formula of this dietary supplement are carefully selected for safe pain relief and, to date, it has been honored with 28 awards from the natural products industry. I feel safe using it and have had no weird side effects.

curamin stop pain now

If you are having some of the same problems I am, or even other chronic pain, you should give Curamin® a try. I purchased my Curamin® Extra Strength 60 count at Sprouts Farmers Market. This dietary supplement is found on the pictured above aisle of this popular health food market. You can also purchase it ONLINE at other fine health food retailers nationwide – check out the STORE LOCATOR (upper right-hand corner of site). curamin stop pain now

Do you have any ongoing pain from day-to-day activities or working out? How long has it been going on and how do you deal with it? Please share in the comments below – XOXO, Jennifer

12 thoughts on “Pre Workout Stretches to Lessen Hand Pain + Curamin® to #StopPainNow

  1. My mom suffers from RA in her hands, and I think that she would benefit from these finger stretches. I’m going to share these with her! #client

    • Yes, I think they will help! I have been doing as a preventative and also when I start to feel sore from overuse

  2. Looks like something I want to try. Hand pain has been keeping me out of the garden. I will try Curamin today!

    • Bob, I hope it gets you back into the garden this Spring and doing the things you love!

  3. Ouch — what I’ve been saying for quite a while now when I walk downstairs. I have tried other pain relievers but I haven’t gotten much relief. I am going to try Curamin Extra strength. Thanks so much for the tip!

    • I appreciate the fact that it’s all natural and non-addictive. Hope you get some relief

  4. Thanks for all the tips! I need to add these hand stretches along with some wrist ones to my workout!

    • It’s always hard to find time for stretching any body part (for me, anyway) — but this is so worth the 5 minutes

  5. Yeah. I don’t stretch much. That’s bad. I need to do it MUCH MORE OFTEN – I do like massages though, and sometimes they stretch me there. Does that count? LOL!!

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