Feta & Herb Cantaloupe Truffles – One in a Melon!

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Welcoming the official first day of summer with these beautiful little bites — Feta & Herb Cantaloupe Truffles.¬†Feta & Herb Cantaloupe Truffles

This easy, no-cook appetizer recipe uses simple ingredients to create a stunning starter for a poolside party, al fresco meal or impromptu happy hour — also, how scrumptious and refreshing to pack in a picnic basket?!

Fet & Herb Cantaloupe Truffles are an easy, no cook appetizer for your next summer party. The sweet and salty flavors in this fruit and cheese recipe work so well together!

Only four ingredients needed — mint, basil, feta cheese and a cantaloupe. I always rely on my sense of smell to pick out the best cantaloupe, this no-nonsense nose method scores me a sweet and juicy winner nearly every time! Pick up the melon and sniff, it should smell sweet and slightly musky — like a cantaloupe. If it doesn’t have that signature scent, don’t buy it! Also, the best cantaloupes feel heavy for their size (lots of water content) and has a stem end that is slightly soft, yielding to your finger a bit when pressed.


You know I can’t resist a good food pun, so here ya go! Bwahaha!

Get the nutrition label for these Feta & Herb Cantaloupe Truffles here:

Click Here for Nutrition Infofo







So what are you doing on this first day of summer? What is your favorite summer-time fruit? Please share in the comments below, XOXO — Jennifer¬†

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