Run, Workout and Yoga with Happy Legs | Compression Sock #Giveaway

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Tree Yoga Pose with Cow Face Arms - TheFitFork.comIf you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I love knee-high compression socks. Compression socks keep my legs fresh when running fast or long, they help this cold-weather wimp stay warm, they assist in muscle recovery by keeping blood moving around, and they keep my shins from getting scuffed up doing deadlifts or rope climbs.  Folks who travel frequently or have to stand all day on the job also rave about the benefits. I’ve blogged about all these wonders before and I’m giving a pair away at the bottom of the post.

Run ATX - TheFitForkI just went in my closet and counted up 18 different pairs of knee-high compression socks – there may be more, but I’m not saying. I’ve tried a variety of brands and I really don’t have a hands-down favorite — I have more than enough love to go around. For example, Vim & Vigr makes compression stylish and sophisticated enough to wear to the offices, Pro Compression and Swiftwick both have a really nice “squeeze,” while Bondi and Zensah have some super-wow style – oh, and a shout out to the Altra Running brand that has extra room in the toe area (really great for ultra running, trust me).

bright life go logo

One-stop shopping for so many of my compression sock needs – could it be true?!  is a great online store that has an amazing and diverse collection of compression socks (knee-high, sleeve and low-cut) and stockings, both for athletic use and everyday wear. They have several of the brands I’m familiar with – and some new ones I’ve never tried. Looking for the adventure of a new-to-me company,

CEP Progressive + Night Run Compression Socks

CEP Progressive + Night Run Compression Socks

I ordered the CEP Progressive + Night Run Socks 2.0 and took them for a spin. CEP has been around for decades and they have some great compression technology – I loved the socks and thought they fit true to the sizing chart. After a brisk 6 mile morning and lunch workout at the gym, my legs were still fresh for home yoga in the late afternoon thanks to these socks.  The flashy neon colors (pink, green or orange) are fun and will help your friends and family spot you on the race course – and a reflective design will make you more visible while running at night.

CEP Compression Night Run Socks 2.0

Tree Yoga Pose with Cow Face Arms - TheFitFork.comYOGA: What you need to know about the yoga photo  is that I’ve combined “Tree” and “Cow Face Arms” into one pose. This is a challenge in balance and shoulder mobility!  Assume Tree pose by shifting weight to one foot and bringing sole of foot up to inner thigh, with toes pointing toward ground.  Keep pelvis in neutral position and parallel to floor while raising arms overhead. Remain in Tree pose but add Cow Face Arms by bending one arm at elbow and allowing hand to fall between shoulder blades. Reach up behind back with other arm and clasp hands. If this is too hard, try to touch finger tips or use a towel or strap to gently work your hands as close as comfortably possible. Hold for 5 breaths and then alternate leg on tree pose and arms on Cow Face arms.

Have fun practicing this yoga pose – if you are like me, you will find one side much more challenging than the other.  And, don’t forget to enter the CEP compression sock giveaway in the Rafflecopter app below.

This post and giveaway is sponsored by I received product in exchange for my review, however all comments and opinions are strictly my own.

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52 thoughts on “Run, Workout and Yoga with Happy Legs | Compression Sock #Giveaway

  1. No I don’t not wear them but I have heard nothing but good things about them and would love to try them.

  2. I have never had or worn compression socks before, but I am very interested! I think it will help me in recovery, and with my bad varicose veins.

  3. I wear compression socks after running or just whenever my legs are feeling a little sore! I love the bright colors of these!

    • Kiley — they didn’t have the cute sporty compression socks during my 3 pregnancies and I would have to get these hideous thick full-length flesh colored compression hose because of varicose veins . . .the were like $150 a pair way back then and by the time I reached 8 months I could never lean over far enough to pull the tightness up over my feet — lol

  4. The only compression socks I’ve tried are the CEP. I’d love to have a pair of “night” ones 🙂 On a side note, I know you have been doing pull-overs to help work on your muscle ups. I’m also working on muscle ups. Do you think the pull-overs help you?

    • Jen, I don’t know if it’s helping or not, it’s not hurting . . . I feel like the muscle up is, at this point, a a muscle memory issue and I don’t practice enough (prob 1x week). I can do those pull overs because I could do them when I was a kid . . . but then I could also do a gliding muscle up as a kids and still don’t quite have that back. For a year I practiced tons for a ring one, never got it . . . then finally had the breakthrough on the bar MU . . . .but there is still so much struggle at the top as you have probably noticed in the videos. Thursday is my solo time with CrossFit / running friend (she owns a box) and we will practice more — as of last week she was still a no-go on the bar . . . .and then she sent me a video of her 95% there on the rings!! If I get the secret, I will let you know!

      • Sounds good! I think it would be easier on the bar – but that is because I have gymnastics background. The rings seem very unstable for me – especially during the dip part. Thanks! Love watching your posts!

  5. I have worn them on long runs but really like wearing them for recovery afterwards! And your tree/cow face arms pose is awesome — slowly but surely working on my shoulder flexibility!!

  6. I use compression socks for speed work and longer runs– or really just any time my legs are feeling a little tired. I also use them for shin protection in CrossFit.

  7. I wear compression for running and recovery. Usually on my long or intense runs I wear compression socks, as I age it seems harder for me to recover from these activities. I’ll be 40 this year, masters division!

  8. I wear compression socks during roller derby practices and bouts. Thanks.

  9. I recently got my first pair of compression socks and wore them while sleeping on the night after a long run…I think my legs felt fresher the next day! I’m going to keep trying them out!

  10. I wear compression whenever my calves need a good long hug….which generally comes after a race or a long fitness activity.

  11. I haven’t worn compression socks but I really want to try them! I think they would help with I jog 🙂

  12. I have worn them after surgery and I wear them if I am traveling for long periods of time. But I have never worn them to work out or anything.

  13. I have often worn compression socks for sleeping…although if I still had a pair they would have been helpful during my last pregnancy!

  14. I’m currently wearing a pair of Pro Compression socks! My legs have been so sore this week that I put on a pair after my 8.5 mile run today. I think it’s because I’ve been stuck on a treadmill all week and my legs just aren’t used to it. Love compression socks after long runs!

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